The POV Lounge Reviews: Twisted Vows of Seduction

TwistedVowsCovers1cAbout the Book: In this scandalously provocative soap-drama series, deceit, seduction, and a tempestuous affair intertwines the lives of lascivious lovers who will go above and beyond to keep their sexual trysts a secret, but the curse of temptation will lead to revelations that may result in their own demise.

Still mourning the death of his lover, Denise, Greg Adams conspires to leave his wife. He believes that Denise has come back to him in the form of a woman named Naomi Brooks, and he can’t forget her. But there’s one problem—his wife is going to honor every line in their wedding vows until death does them part.

 Naomi Brooks, a recovering alcoholic, enters into an orchestrated affair to deceive Greg by creating the perfect illusion. Will the plan work or will she find herself a victim in a twisted game?

A long-term torrid affair with her best friend’s husband, Jeff, has scarred Nadine Collins for life. Nadine decides she must take a vow of celibacy to cleanse her spirit. While her journey seems impossible, she can see a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s only one problem—she’s still not over Jeff, now a divorcé living life in the fast lane.

Ménage, an aspiring actress, has her sights set on Hollywood. She will do anything to ensure her rise to the top, including robbing Jeff of all the life insurance money he collected after his wife died. But a blast from the past slows her down. When Jeff comes running to her rescue, it proves to be the perfect setup.

Dominique’s Review

In Twisted Vows of Seduction, the book picks up just about where it left off in book one.  We are introduced to a few new characters while still wondering what next for the old characters.

Denise is gone and Jeff and Nadine are trying to move but Nadine has other hopes and wishes. Jeff turns to outside sources to help him cope and in book one we thought Greg and his wife were long gone, but they play a huge part in the second book.

I thought it was a great continuing story. The author did a wonderful job in taking us out of book one and right into book two with a smooth transition. The author gave us big twists and turns and a shocking ending that keeps the reader wanting for me. In a series like this, I would have liked for Book three to come out this summer rather than this winter but I think it will be worth the wait. Good job!

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AAMBC Blog Tours with Khara

Not My Will by Khara Campbell


TAMIKA_NOTMYWILL3Virtue has been dating her boyfriend Ty for two years, he was a rebound after she broke up with her ex finance.  Virtue and Ty ended their first night together in bed and has been having a seemingly good relationship since.  During their relationship Virtue reaches out to God to try to find the missing pieces in her life -she wants to know if she really loves Ty for who he is or is it just the sex and the way he helped her get over her ex fiance, among other things.  She gives her life to Christ and in the process of walking in her faith she wants to end her and Ty’s sexual relationship to wait until they’re married to resume having sex.

Virtue struggles with finding the right words to tell Ty about her decision to abstain.  She’s afraid of how he would take it. Erika, Virtue’s best friend and polar opposite, thinks Virtue is stupid and warns her that she may be pushing Ty into the arms and legs of another woman.
Virtue begins to feel that no one in her life understands her new self journey, that’s when she reaches out to Terrance a member of her church who heads the Singles Ministry. She sees in Terrance everything she wishes Ty would be – a godly man for one. Virtue and Terrance’s friendship blossoms and he becomes her voice of reason as she deals with the challenges in her new walk of faith and her relationship with Ty.  She will find out that sometimes her will is not the best.
Khara Campbell was born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas, however she currently resides in Maryland with her husband and three children.  Khara has a bachelors of Fine Art Degree in creative writing.  Besides Khara’s debut novel “Not My Will, but His”, she has also written and self published a children’s book titled “Island Girl”.  Khara has had a joy for writing for as long as she could remember and is excited about her debut novel.
Get to know Khara questions: 

1. What was your inspiration for your debut novel?
The idea for Not My Will came from my own personal experience years ago, newly saved and dating.  This guy at the time just didn’t understand my desire to abstain from sex which made the relationship every different.
2. Have you ever experienced writer’s block, what got your juices flowing?
Yes I have.  During those times I take a break from the story and allow my mind to relax which helps me to think clearer. Sometimes my mind would get so jumbled up with all these thoughts and ideas that I would have to take a mental break from writing to regroup.
3. What type of music gets you up and going and why?
I love all types of music so it really depends on the mood I’m in.  I love my praise and worship, some Mary, Mary or Kirk Franklin. Sometimes I’m in the mood for R&B or reggae, it all depends on my mood at the time.  But music does help to get me motivated, it’s like listening to a short story being played on the stereo.
4. What keeps you grounded: faith, family, writing?
My faith in God is number one! I’ve had moments when all I felt I could rely on was God.  My family of course is right after and also writing because its so therapeutic to me.  I have to write just like I have to eat and sleep.
5. If you had to teach a fitness class today, what would the workout be? Sit-ups, running, basketball, tennis, squats etc.
Ahh probably running or tennis.  I was really good in track and field, sometimes I wished I had stuck with it.  I also like recreational tennis though I haven’t played in awhile.
6. Besides being an author, what other interests, desires do you have?
My dream is to start a business or develop some opportunities in the Bahamas, where I’m from, to continue to grow the economy. I’ve always had a desire to give back to my country in a big way.
7. Tell us something about your next project.
My next novel is about self acceptance.  The main character will find out some shocking news from her dying mother.

Find the author:
Social Media Info:
Twitter: @kharacampbell
Instagram: @KharaCampbell

AAMBC Blog Tours with Nicole Murray

unnamed“I am hurting. Fractured in places stitches can’t heal.” Autumn’s Child tells the desperate story of Layla, as a young and naive twelve year-old girl. Over ten critical years, her life quickly changes like the colors of the trees in autumn. The accidental death of her parents forces her to abandon her religious, middle-class lifestyle. She moves to the inner city of Chicago with her grandmother and aunt, her only living relatives. Layla tries to approach her new life with optimism, but the perfections of her past life haunt her tormented journey. After coming to grips with the reality over the years that her only aunt despises her, Layla soon discovers that she may secretly hold the keys to helping her aunt’s diminishing health in her hands. Layla’s faith and sanity are continuously tested as she matures throughout each season of her life. She stumbles through her newfound reality while learning how to play the distinct set of cards she’s been dealt. Layla’s neighbor and best friend, Shay, helps guide her from adolescence into adulthood. Autumn’s Child chronicles a life on the opposite side of the coin; where friendships grow out of tragedy, and the pressure of a marginalized life weighs heavily on pure souls. Layla must make many compromising decisions, all while perpetually asking the reader, What would you do?


She came to me under a streetlight, with her right eye purple and a staggered step and said, “I wish it didn’t have to be this way.” I was relieved that Sadie could still talk and walk to the degree she did. Shay was a beast: I had seen her in action. When she struck, you saw your life flash in front of your eyes like blacked out memories.

Sadie carried a lavender caboodle that held all of her prized possessions, her makeup. The contents she would cling to, to make her beautiful again. She formed her mouth to speak but only tears and a throbbing gasp of air escaped. The streetlight above buzzed, flickered, and died, like everything else in the inner city. In the darkness, I ran away from her and her smeared makeup, busted lip, rainbow colored jaw and eye and only looked back once to see her still standing there under the silent light. Sadie was alone in the streets. She did not chase me but I continued to run. I wanted to curse her but my mouth couldn’t move even in the distance. I ran through the alley, down a side street, up the stairs and into my apartment. I locked the door, pushed the couch in front of it with the remnants of what remaining strength I had, and clasped onto it. My mind was spinning. I wanted to feel whole again.

With my eyes closed I heard Shay’s voice, dark and confirming and my heart dangled on the ledge of things falling apart. Shay asked me was I okay and I asked her why did she have to do it? I knew she had been waiting for that day, probably pacing her room counting down the seconds until she saw the red flag to pound on Sadie. I opened my eyes to see her soaking her hand in a bowl of ice as if she had done this before. I believe in reincarnation solely from following her around for the last eight years. She always knew what to do. They say that cats have nine lives and I believed that mankind does as well. With Shay’s experience she was probably on her last round. She had to have been here, to have lived this life more than once.

I summoned the courage to speak again and turned towards Shay, heartbroken. She frightened me when she was mad. She needed an owner to tame her sometimes like a pit bull needs a mussel. Her little baby dreadlocks stood up as fist ready to fight again and I lowered my head and said, “We should go somewhere safe. What if she tells her brother and they come back? He’s going to find out.”

Her sole reply was, “I can’t wait.”  She paused to shuffle the ice around her hand.

11716929_nicole new headshotNicole Murray is a creative writer by passion, training, and profession. She is a Columbia College graduate with a degree in Fiction Writing and Marketing. Nicole’s dual Gemini personality helps her pursue creative writing as a personal profession.

Nicole explores the creative landscape of the mind to craft fiction out of real emotion. She currently writes short stories, novels, poems, and screen plays.

Nicole Murray also has extensive experience in digital content strategy, content development, and social media marketing. She has developed, lead, and contributed to a number of custom campaigns for leading brands such as Comcast’s African American digital and social initiatives, The Toyota Green Initiative, General Mills’ Feedings Dreams campaign, and P&G.

Nicole Murray, Autumns Child Interview:


  1. Describe your book Autumn’s Child in 30 words or less.

A journey of lost faith, renewed friendships, family sacrifices and, sexual compromise.  Autumn’s Child chronicles the life of a young lady’s battle through reality after her parents pass away.

2.  What messages are you sending through your writing? The message that I am sending through Autumn’s Child is that life doesn’t come with a tutorial or handbook. We are here on this earth with what God gave us, everything that surrounds us we experience and consume which make up the landscape of who we are. Each day it is up to us, as individuals, to take the faith and determination we were born with, as well as the surrounding elements that play a role in our existence and make this life work to the best of our ability.  This is what Layla, in Autumn’s Child, struggles with. Her fear of becoming the demise of her own destiny. The only question the reader is left to answer at the end of the book is, “What would you do?”

3.  What /who inspires you? I craft fiction from real emotion. The characters that I create are imaginary but the feelings are real. I strive to connect the reader with the feelings of the characters, not necessarily the characters themselves.  Also, reading good books inspires me, and being surrounded by creative people who possess a stroke of divine genius. I am inspired to write, to put pen to pad, when I read or hear someone speak with a distinct purpose that touches home for me. I write when I feel the need to express.


4.  What made you start writing and decide to self-publish? Autumn’s Child was birthed from a short story I wrote in College. I found myself wanting to know more about Layla, the main character. I recall thinking about her and her life and just started writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing and developing fictional characters but Layla held a personal connection in that I felt for her as if she was a real person. That is when I decided to expand on the story and turn it into a novel.  I self-published because I believe in the story Autumn’s Child, and I believe in myself. It’s a new age; you have to take your goals into your own hands.

5.  What was the hardest part of writing your book? Editing. Writing is the easy part; it is simply getting those feelings, characters, thoughts, and circumstances out of your head. The hard part is to make it make sense to someone beside your own imagination. To critique yourself and accept critique from others. Creative writing is exposing parts of who you are that other people don’t see and actually may not understand or appreciate. It is the manifestation of your imagination which so many people run from. For me, accepting the duty and desire to express what I felt for all of the characters in Autumn’s Child was difficult.  I felt for them like I feel for my own loved ones.


6. What books have had the greatest influence on you? When I picked up White Oleander by Janet Fitch I knew that I had a duty to write and express. I connected. Kite Runner, and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini was a life changer for me, I cried reading that book, and I don’t cry often. Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich has amazing prose. I realized after reading that book that life is a stream of poetic moments. And of course, The Bluest Eye by Maya Angelou, which is self-explanatory. The Bluest Eye is actually #1 on the list.

7. What plans do you have for the future as a writer? My plan is where ever the creator leads me, but if I have a say so in the matter, I am currently working on a short film with my creative partner.  I am working on another novel that is completely different than Autumn’s Child, but just as relevant. I am also gearing up to start writing TV and feature film. I have a few ideas in the works now and we’ll see where it goes from there.


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Site: www.lnmcreative.com

Twitter: @lnmcreative

Instagram: @LNMcreative
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Summer Rain Virtual Book Tour by Cherlisa Starks Richardson

Summer Rain Virtual Book Tour by Cherlisa Starks Richardson, February 24-March 7, 2014

Paperback: 250 pages

Publisher: Purple Phoenix Publishing LLC (November 27, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0991095006

ISBN-13: 978-0991095001



About The Book

summer rain book coverSixteen-year-old Summer McClain seemingly has it all—a doting mother and father, two best friends who stick closer than glue, and a grandmother who can cook the pants off any chef who dares to go up against her. Her world is perfect in every way—until tragedy strikes the core of her family.

When Summer thinks the worst thing in her life has happened, she’s dealt more blows that make her question her young faith. Her two best friends, who should be there to love her through her devastation, have personal issues of their own, and on top of that, a girl at school starts bullying her for no reason. Will Summer be able to withstand the heartache, pain, and pressure she has to endure?

In her debut novel, Summer Rain, Cherlisa Starks Richardson has woven together a gripping novel that shows the faith even a child must have to endure when challenged with the pain life sometimes presents.
About The Author

Cherlisa9Cherlisa Starks Richardson is a graduate of Indiana State University and also has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Mrs. Richardson is a motivational speaker and a school board member in her township. She and her family lives in Indiana. For more information, visit her website at www.cherlisarichardson.com

Sneak Peak

Chapter 1

SUMMER BROWSED THROUGH the different messages posted on Facebook. Nothing new, just the same old stuff teens usually post—pictures of girls with duck lips posing in the latest fashions, boys and girls posing in the mirror holding up their phones, and corny jokes. Sometimes an occasional shot is made at some unsuspecting kid. OMG! Am I reading this right? Summer lifted her head from the headboard of her bed and pulled her iPad closer to her face. Her eyes grew wider as she stared at the screen. Maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. She hadn’t been getting much sleep lately. She blinked to see clearer. The kids at East High had gone completely crazy. Hadn’t their parents preached the same message to them that hers drilled into her about watching what you post on the Internet? They had no shame in their game and didn’t care who got hurt when they went in on people. The ruthless words they were calling Megan on her page were enough to make even the loosest girl want to crawl under a rock.

Summer read the last comment then turned off her iPad. She’d only gotten on the Internet as a distraction to help keep her awake. She had no idea what she was getting into when she logged onto Facebook. As soon as she thought the kids at her school couldn’t get any meaner, they were taking it to a new level. She couldn’t forget the worst comment about Megan—I hope you die. You’re too nasty to live. Summer’s mouth fell open when she read it. How could anyone be that mean? Then again, why am I surprised? That was the norm at East High. Every other week there was a new target.

Granted, everyone agreed that Megan brought the name calling on herself to some extent. Rumor had it she was trying to get the attention of one of the jocks on the basketball team. Everyone was saying that when she couldn’t get his attention by flirting with him, she went so far as to join the cheerleading squad. That didn’t work, so she resorted to sending him nasty text messages. When he didn’t respond to that, she eventually made the dumb mistake of sending him the picture that made her infamous. She was posing on a bed with nothing on but her bra and panties. Who does that? That’s when everything hit the fan. The boy posted the picture on Instagram using an anonymous account. All of the kids that followed him on the account sent it to their friends who sent it to their friends until it had made its way around the entire school. The hallways were buzzing with the same question every day—who started the picture going around? Whoever the dude was, he was keeping his identity a secret.

Social Links
Email Address: cherlisarichardson@gmail.com

Website www.cherlisarichardson.com

Twitter link https://twitter.com/Cherlisa

Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/CherlisaStarksRichardson

Buy Links

Amazon link http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=summer+rain+cherlisa+starks+richardson&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Asummer+rain+cherlisa+starks+richardson

Amazon ebook: http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Rain-Cherlisa-Starks-Richardson-ebook/dp/B00H0FQ82W/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1386376172&sr=1-1&keywords=cherlisa+starks+richardson

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Read You Later Virtual Blog Tours


Trust IN Us AltonyaFrom one night…to forever? With a successful boutique in Charlotte and plans to open another exclusive one in Aspen, Alythia Duffy feels as if she’s finally arrived. Then a wild week in the Caribbean at her best friend’s bachelorette celebration threatens to ruin everything, though Alythia doesn’t regret her passionate idyll with a sensual stranger. Self-made developer Gage Vincent learned long ago not to believe the words of a beautiful woman. He thought Alythia was different. Yet, how can he trust her after he finds out that she is bidding for space in his hot new skyscraper? Will Alythia be able to prove to him that she is the special woman meant to share his life?


337210AlTonya Washington has been a published romance novelist for 10 years. In 2013, her Harlequin Kimani novel “His Texas Touch” won the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Series Romance of 2012. In addition to being an author, AlTonya also works as a college Reference Librarian. Writing as T. Onyx, AlTonya released her latest erotica “Ravenous: Ruler of Perfection II” in 2013.
Her newest title with Harlequin Kimani is “Provocative Passion” nominated for an AMB Ovation Award for Outstanding Interracial Romance and the sequel to the January 2013 release “Provocative Territory”. In November she will release “A Lover’s Debt”, the 17th title in the Ramsey Tesano saga.

How did you get into writing? By way of reading, I’ve been an avid romance reader since age 13- after college I realized that the novels I loved were missing something as far as I was concerned- they were missing people who looked like me. Living in SC (I spent 4 years at school in NC) but living in the south mid-90s I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t go to my local bookstore- or even the library and find very many novels featuring African American heroines or heroes. So I decided to create my own and I’ve had the writing bug ever since!

How many genres do you write in? What are they? Not sure how detailed you want this- I basically write romance. Currently I write for traditionally for Harlequin’s Kimani Romance imprint, but to narrow it further, I have titles in the contemporary, historical, and suspense categories. I’ve independently published a contemporary YA romance and have just completed a YA Fantasy Romance. I also write erotica.

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Question of the Month

Brandie RandolphQuestion: When I view a book with bad editing, is it the editor’s fault or the author’s? Hasn’t the author been taken advantage of by being given poorly edited work?

Answer: I have dealt with this issue with many times. Book clubs, Facebook and social media have made it very easy to call someone’s manuscript poorly edited because, suddenly, everyone is an expert on the subject. In last month’s article, I discussed the different types of editing. Those different types entail a different product that the author is paying for. Obviously, as you get into more detailed types of editing, prices increase. There are manuscripts that desperately need developmental editing, but the author does not wish to shell out the money to acquire said editing. They opt to go for the cheaper copyediting and are hurt in the end. All too often, the blame is placed on the editor from the client and readers when, in fact, the author just didn’t care enough to pay for what they really needed. I always say that authors need to invest in their work fully if they expect readers to pay for it. Don’t go the cheap route and have your readers paying for a sub-par product. If you can’t afford the needed editing, you aren’t ready to publish. Period. That being said, there ARE true cases where the editing was done poorly, needs to be redone, or one or both parties’ expectations were not cohesive. Give the editor and the author a chance to correct the problem and offer you their best product in the end. We are in this together and most are self-published authors. Offer constructive criticism that can be beneficial versus malicious judgment that helps no one, including the industry as whole, in the end.

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Hot New Release; Consequences and Repercussions

Consequences and Repercussions CoverTwo pregnancies may prove to be too much for one relationship…

Kyle and Avail have finally managed to become an exclusive couple while minding the important stipulation of reserving sex for a possible marriage and overcoming the distractions of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and others who have a vested interest in the both of them, but there are some things that are hard to ignore, like desire and babies.

Intensely attracted to one another, Kyle and Avail find themselves with the perfect opportunity to break their vow and experience one another in a more intimate way when fate steps in and changes their world forever.  Celeste, Kyle’s ex-girlfriend, promised that she would get Avail back for taking Kyle away from her, and Grey’s simmering affections prove to be the perfect place for Avail to seek refuge.  Between counseling sessions, an unexpected opportunity, a charm on a necklace, and diminishing communication, Kyle accepts the inevitable and makes decisions that help him further grow into the man he seeks to be.  Even so, Camden disregards the circumstances and continues to pursue Kyle more aggressively than before.  Raine and Shea continue to be the rock Avail needs to be stable, but Grey seeks to add a level of comfort to her stability by sharing a personal view they both have in common. A shared Intersession class and summer opportunities draw Avail and Grey closer than ever, but Kyle runs just enough interference to make his presence known.  Former distractions become major obstacles as each character deals with their own set of costs and penalties.

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