Revenge of The Orgasm Review

Revenge_of_the_Orgas_Cover_for_KindleAbout the book: As you are driving, your body involuntarily jumps. Sweat begins on your forehead and appears on your body, even though it is the middle of Winter. Inside of your left thigh, there is a tapping that is not harmful but noticeable. And you begin to wonder if sanity has departed or control of your motor skills is no longer your own. Then, the epiphany becomes clear. This is Revenge of the Orgasm.

About the Author: G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) is an award winning and critically acclaimed author and Poet. To date, he has written four books of Poetry, including his latest, Revenge of the Orgasm. G.P.A. recently was named a semifinalist in the Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Awards and is currently touring the country to promote his latest book.

Dominique’s Review:

“GPA is an author that expands his words and moves his readers. I am a fan of GPA and his work. His word flow is amazing and keeps his readers wanting more.

In the Revenge of the Orgasm, I was not surprised with how far GPA took his love for poetry. Poems that told stories, poems that made any woman or man do a double take; GPA has a way of getting his point across plain and simple while forcing readers to read between the lines.

For those who have a love for poetry, this book is for you but, even if you are not a reader of poetry, this book will have anyone, man or woman, turned on by the heat that comes off this book. Great job GPA. Keep the “orgasms” coming.”

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