Catering to the Authors and Writers!..again!

Good Morning!

Today I am doing something different. No VIP with Dominique today. I wanted to talk to you guys about what’s coming in January.

Remember “From A Writers POV”? Who remembers? That was my old baby that I decided to give up about a year ago. I miss the grind. So I am bringing the magazine back. In January, my business partner and I starting up a new magazine for authors and writers. We are doing various interviews, article, features, reviews and more to cater to authors and writers. The site and magazine will launch January 2nd. We are so excited.

With this being our first issue, we wanted to get started with submissions and filling spots. Here is a list of the features we are offering:

Author Interview

Business Interview

Book Reviews

Book Trailer promotion

Poetry Feature

Writing promotion

Event stories

New Release Promotion

If you are interested in being featured, please contact me at

We will get you on the schedule. If you can remember POV you know that we did a lot for authors and writers. It was a passion of ours to cater to those in the literary field. We are coming back stronger than ever and you won’t be disappointed. Contact me today!

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Hot Topic Friday; NaNoWriMo Challenge

Happy Friday!

It’s the first of the month and also day one of the NaNoWriMo Challenge.

This is my first time doing this. Anytime it has come up in the past, I either forgot or was just too busy to get started with it, but this year I am doing it! I’m very excited. I’m not starting a new book but I am challenging myself to finish a novel that I’ve been working on for some time. Probably almost a year now. But I think I can do it.

I wanted to see how many other people are doing the challenge this year and how you plan to be successful. Also, I wanted to ask those who have done the challenge before to share some insight to people like myself who have never done this challenge before.

Happy writing everyone!

See ya next Friday for another Hot Topic

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Poet’s Post your Poetry Blog or Website

We’re still going strong. I can’t forget my first love, Poetry! So today we are promoting poetry blogs or websites.

If you have a poetry blog or website, post it below. Once you have posted your link, click someone else’ link, read a poem and comment!

I’ll go first. Check out my Poetry Blog “My Tension Reliever”:

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Poetry Promotion; Poets, come promote your work!

Good morning!

Today is Poetry Promotion. All month I’ve been promoting Poetry Promotion inviting all poets to stop by and post a few poems on this month’s theme. This month’s theme is Love at First Sight.

If you have at least three poems on this topic, post them below. I will pick one poet to be spotlighted on The POV lounge next month!

Submission guidelines:

1. 3 poems per person.

2. Author must include information about themselves (twitter information, website, blog).

3. DO NOT include your bio. If you win I will ask for it later.

4. Author is responsible for checking the blog often to find out if they won and getting their poem(s) comments.

5. If you post outside of the preferred genre you will be disqualified.

Have a good time and be sure to comment on poems you like.

Writing Tip of the Week

“Let’s remember what our third grade teacher taught us years ago, use coordinating conjunctions such as and, are, yet, or, for, nor and so. Make your story interesting not just by the story but by the words. Put your story together using colorful words. Not too colorful that your reader us having a hard time understanding the story, but enough ands or buts or yets that keep the story flowing nicely.”