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Today is the last blog for the POV Lounge. (There will be a question of the week on Wednesday)  I am not giving the blog up, simply going on a vacation and stepping away from the blog to refresh and come back better than ever. I want to let you all know that I will still receive comments if you decide to leave a comment or need to speak with me concerning any of your literary matters. I am  not leaving you high and dry 🙂 If I receive a comment I will respond to you.

I am not taking any clients through Literary Career Moves until September.

I want to leave you with one last message before I officially get into my vacation mode. Many of us write for only two reasons: We have a passion for the craft or we have a story to tell. Whatever your reason is, always be true to yourself. Always believe in you before you look for others to believe in you. You should be your number one fan. There should not be any other person who loves what you do more than YOU! When the time comes that you need to take a break and step away, please do it. Don’t force yourself to do anything you have no motivation to do. Go find that motivation and then come back ready to rock and roll. One last lesson that I am teaching myself with my everyday walk is to not live in fear. Run towards the fear, not away and when you realize that your wildest dreams have the ability to come true because of your courage and strength, there’s not telling where life will take you!

Happy Writing. See you in September!

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Checkmate by jonean-l-mcclain


CHESS is a game meant to be enjoyed, but what happens when the life you live seems to have turned into the game you’ve played for so long? When your friends, whom you’ve once protected in one way, are doing everything now to protect you in another… even if it involves sacrificing themselves.

In chess, you can pretty much predict what your opponent is going to do and when, and in each and every move lies a consequence. In life, you can’t predict anything, you simply live it. Jim Westergren once said, “Probably the biggest difference between a game of chess and life is that in chess you know all the rules and how everything works.”

Follow Jonean as she brings life to the game, using people as the pieces and their real life situations as moves with consequences.

This great read will have you on the edge and anxious to know more, while educating you about chess at the same time.

Learn the game… but more importantly… learn the lesson.

“You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”



THE KING, in chess, is the most valuable piece known for his slow movement. He can only move one square, but in any direction he pleases…

Once your KING is lost, so is the game.

I figured I owed him that much. I can’t quite remember the last time I stepped foot in his church. Shit, I can’t quite remember the last time I stepped foot in anybody’s church.

“Praise the Lord Brother,” said a man with white gloves on as he extended his hand to direct me where to sit.

“Praise the Lord,” I mumbled back.

It was only right.

Ain’t mean nothin’ to me though.

Jonean McLain (pronounced JOHN-NEAN), born to John and Jean on February 27, 1981. At the age of one, Jonean was introduced to her mom’s friend, Ricky Alford; who later became her step-dad. “He’s the greatest Pop a kid could have,” she says. As a child, Jonean always expressed to her mother that she’d be famous or something BIG because her birthday was a TV show “227″. Jonean has had many jobs from hard hats and steel-toed boots to high heels and three piece suits. She currently resides in Baltimore, MD where she’s a School Bus Driver, referring to her bus as “The Magic School Bus.” Jonean shared that she’s had a passion for writing for as long as she can remember. She would turn any project she had to do in school into a poem or short story. She still refers back to a poem she wrote in seventh grade at Hamilton Middle School called “BLACK” where her teacher told her she was an Excellent Writer, and later in her Ninth Grade year at Western High School, she had to do a report for Biology on a plant cell and created a short story called, LIFE IN A PLANT CELL and just as her seventh grade teacher, her ninth grade teacher Mrs. Seiler told her the same thing, “You’re an EXCELLENT writer!”

“I’m not a big reader,” she’d say. “I just love to write.”

Get to know Jonean:

Q: Why do you write?

A: I write because it gives me that chance to show my creativity, opening those doors where my imagination resides.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration would have to be two people; therefore, my mom and my son. There’s so much I’d like to do with and for the both of them… They’re my reason(s) for not giving up.

Q: What is your most proud moment?

A: My most proud moment is NOW! I’m actually finishing something I’ve started. I’ve always had great ideas, but that’s how far they went… an idea. I’ve actually set goals and met them.

Q: What’s the top item on your bucket list?

A: The top item on my bucket list would have to be, sky diving. I’ve always wanted to jump from a plane. Don’t ask me why… It’s just a rush I get at the thought. Lol.

Q: What one word best describes you?

A: One word that best describes me is… hmmm… I’d have to go with Creative. Yeah, that’ll work… CREATIVE.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Wow! I’ve been writing since I was a youngster… Not that I’m old now. Lol. I’ve always had a thing for painting pictures… even when I tell a story verbally, I’m very descriptive.

Q: What inspired you to write CHECKMATE?

A: I was actually watching my two cousins play chess when I decided to write CHECKMATE. Just something I thought I’d like to take a stab at.

Q: What’s your purpose in life?

A: I’m still wondering what my purpose in life is… I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004 going in to 2005… I experienced one of the biggest scares. After being in a coma for two weeks and the doctors doubting if I’d make it through the night… Seven years later, and I’m still here. You ask what my purpose is? I can’t answer that Matter Factly… I just know I have one. It may be to help others… I love to help people genuinely without needing the glory or recognition of doing so.



Twitter: @jmclain227




VIP with Dominique; Don’t Let a Closed Door Keep you from your Success

Just a month ago I let my magazine From A Writer’s POV ago. From A Writer’s POV was not only online, it was also in print. I have every single copy I’ve ever published in my library in my office. I hardly ever go back to look at them.

But since I’d decided to let the magazine go, I kept myself from looking at past editions of the magazine thinking, I’d feel guilty or sad about letting the magazine go. I’d see them from afar but never took the moment to really look at them, touch the cover or read the print. Today, I came across the magazines and did just that.

I felt a sense of accomplishment and closure. It’s when God has come to me and said, Dominique this is the end. I’m closing this chapter in your life. You can sit here for however long you like but I suggest you move forward with me.

Everything in our lives must come to an end. I believe POV coming to an end is so that I can begin other more important and better things in my life. Before I was a Publisher, I was an author. Running From A Writer’s POV took away my time with the pen and I miss it. I must say I’m eager to get back to what once was.

If you are at a point in your business or career where you feel the end is near, don’t stress about it. Everything has to end at some point in time and everything has a certain place in our lives. Take it as a way of God saying, this is the end…I’m preparing you for something bigger and better.

Ending From A Writer’s POV came to a surprise to a lot of people but for me, it was a lingering feeling I’d had for quite some time. With it being my precious baby, I ignored the closed door and continued to push through when God had already put the dead bolt on it.

And at the end of the day, I’m happy, relieved and excited about my future in the literary field.

Don’t let a closed door keep you from your success, follow your dreams and see which door is waiting on you to open it.

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Hot Topic Monday; The Best Electronic to buy

Happy Monday!

There are many electronics that have hit the stores in the last few years that have been upgraded and remodeled to fit the consumers needs. From Apple products, to Kindles and Tablets there is surely something to satisfy the next electronic junkie.

As a writer/reader/author, we all have that one products that’s the best to buy for all of their needs. Some people don’t like Apple and stay away from their many different iPhones and iPads. Some think why get the Kindle when you can get the iPad that you can do more on. It’s up to the individuals preference.

What I want to know is what do you believe is the best electronic of today that should be bought? Why? What is it about this product that meets all of your needs?


See ya next Monday for another Hot Topic!

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The Writer’s Process; The 12 Writing Resolutions of 2012

Welcome to the year 2012! Well, we’re a month into it already, but I still want to welcome you into a year that might prove productive for your literary journey towards becoming published. Are you ready? If you’re not, then I have a solution: 12 steps to live by for the year. No, it’s not a weight loss program; it is something I feel a writer should always have in their repertoire…and of course, with me being me, it’s a little off the course of the main road the authorship.

Now, needless to say, if you are a writer who is trying to advance in your career, the primary objective is to write…everyday…all 366 days of 2012. Another objective is to learn from your everyday writing experience. It wouldn’t make sense to just scribble a few paragraphs on paper, and not know where to go from there. Think of writing as a contour line that started with the first words you ever wrote down on paper. With the love and respect you have for writing, there should be no breaking points. Each homework assignment, love letter, and résumé written should be a part of who you are, and what you represent in that contour line as you pursue your dreams of writing a novel. It’s all part of the process.

So, without further ado, I will present to you the 12 writing resolutions (in no particular order) you should take with you throughout the year to hone your skills, and to hopefully get you published. Remember, as eccentric as I am, don’t expect to find these points anywhere else, except here of course.

Read more from Darryl Mims buy purchasing your copy of the February Writer’s Ebook Edition!

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