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Earlier in the week, I told you about the new magazine I was bringing to the forefront in January. I want to get to know business owners! If you are a business owner and want  a little bit of exposure for your literary business, check out the details below and contact me!

“In the Know: Businesses to Kick Start your Author Career”

Get your business featured in PEN’Ashe’s Business Kick Start Column. Share the details of your business and what you have to offer.

This feature includes an interview about you and your business and how customers can use your services. Your business information and logo will also be placed in our Business Directory.

Business Owner must have:

A business website

Been in business for at least six months

Inquire today by emailing: dominiquewatson@literarycareermoves.com

Email Subject: Business Column


Your Business Name

Your name

How long have you been in business?

Business website

Your bio (Written in Third Person only)

Get on our schedule today!

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VIP with Dominique; From A Writer’s POV coming to a close

Happy Friday, this is a special edition of VIP with Dominique.

Yes, you read the title right, From A Writer’s POV is coming to a close. We’ve been going strong for almost six years now and the time has come for us to move on to bigger and better things. From A Writer’s POV has not gotten the support I was looking for over the last 6 months. It has also taken a back seat to other things myself and the team are busy with. We’ve come to the conclusion to close From A Writer’s POV. This April Edition will be the last edition.

Our team is also letting From A Writer’s POV go to make room for an even bigger project that will come to light in the near future.

We thank everyone that has been apart of our project throughout the years. We hope that these same true supporters will be around when we’re ready to launch our next project and be an even bigger blessing to other writers and authors.

We realize that is is because of us, so many authors have found the strength and courage to publish their work.We thank you for allowing us to be apart of making your dreams come true.

On a personal note, I will continue to mentor authors and writers through Literary Career Moves and this blog, The POV Lounge will remain active. I still have a love for helping those in the literary field. Although POV will no longer be in service, I will still be here to help you with all of your career needs!

Thanks! Here’s to moving on to bigger and better things. Cheers!


Book Trailer of the Month; I’d Rather Be Single

About the Book: Tyra went from dating deadbeats to dating athletes, but living the good life came at a price…The Skeletons in My Closet…By: LaShonda DeVaughn

They say in order to find real and true love that we all must take chances. Will Kenneth end up being the real deal? Or will Rita end up regretting her decision in courting a young thug?..Taking Chances…By: Mimi Renee

Despite years of women playing games to take her husband away from her, Jai was determined to hold on. Her best friend questions why she puts up with his infidelity. Jai reasons, there’s just something in his backstroke…Something in His Backstroke…By: Tysha

Fairytales should all have happy endings. Unfortunately in Zoe’s world, each ending comes with a tale of lies….Sleeping with the Enemy…By: Kaie Golson

View more about this book and the trailer at: http://www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com/booktrailer.htm

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“Be a part of our March Writers Edition”

In March From A Writer’s POV is celebrating Writers, the non-published. We are inviting writers to participate in the edition.

If you are a writer and not published, use this month to get some of your work promoted on our website and/or print magazine. We have several spots available. Follow the guidelines and submit your work to us.


  • You must be a non-published writer (no books ever published)
  • Be able to provide a professional/decent headshot picture of yourself
  • Be able to provide a bio written in third person only
  • Be able to provide up to two links for our readers to view to refer back to you

Writing Submission

We will accept any type of writing (All genres) but it must be kept clean for our younger viewers. (Erotica submissions are accepted but must be kept as clean as possible. Ask us about it if you need more details) It must also be within our writing submissions guidelines. Any submission that does not follow those guidelines will automatically be deleted. There is a $5 entry fee for the submission. All work must be your own work, we will check for plagiarism.

Poetry/Spoken Word Submissions

One page of advertisement includes:

  1. Your poem
  2. Your bio (written in third person only)
  3. Headshot picture of yourself only
  4. Link to website
  5. 150 word or less
  6. Must be your own work

Short Story submissions

Two Pages of advertisement includes:

  1. Your story
  2. Your bio (written in third person only)
  3. 1,000 words or less
  4. Story must be your own fictional work
  5. Headshot picture of yourself only
  6. Link to website



General “About Me” Page

(If you do not want to submit work but would rather submit information about yourself, this submission would be for you.)


One page of advertisement includes:


  1. Your bio (written in third person only)
  2. Headshot picture of yourself only
  3. Link to website

How to submit:

Email us at inquiries@fromawriterspovmagazine.com

Subject Box: March Writing Submission

  • Choose the type of writing you will be submitting. (One submission per person)
  • Create a word document
  • Place the title of your work in the document and include your writing, your bio and your link for your website. (Check word count)
  • Save the document and attach it to your email to us.
  • Inside the email include your picture

Once we receive your submission we’ll let you know if your work has been picked to be displayed in our magazine and we’ll request the entry fee.




From A Writer’s POV Staff






Poet of the Month; “Painting a Spectrum of Poetic Hues”

There is something to be said about a poet’s tenacity when it comes to writing. Their drive to do what comes naturally to them makes them the unique individual that they are. If you paint a canvas black, one poet will envision a whole separate perspective by looking at it than a poet who sees another world on that same black canvas. Paint a canvas in chocolate, and you have the perspective of MaDonna Awotwi, aka Sankofa the Poet.

Our Poet of the Month resolves that her canvas is demonstrative. Her perspective on that canvas is in her poems. “I am an emotional writer, so often something that has happened to me personally or someone that I know, or what is going on in the news will sit in my spirit and compel me to write.” And when MaDonna writes, it is often an explosive demonstration of an artist’s paint strokes of their inner vision. “Words come to me in flashes; often times I can sit straight up out of my sleep and produce an entire piece.”

When writing her book of poems Life on a Chocolate Canvas, MaDonna’s tenacity took her to a deeper shade of brown, as she gave herself a means of constriction to show the literary world that she means business. “Life on a Chocolate Canvas is compilation of poetry I’ve written over the past several years. I was 29, just 2 months from being 30, and I felt the need to publish my poetry that, in order to make my mark on the world, I had to do it before my birthday.”

Read more about this month’s Poet of the Month

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Business Owner of the Month; “Graphics with Je’Designs”

Jennifer Wilford is not only an author, she is also a business owner. Owner of Je’ Designs. The company has been in business since 2006, offering the services of Custom and Urban Graphic Design and Business Identity. Customers can get in contact with Jennifer for her services by emailing: je@jecustomdesigns.com  or by calling 888-872-7129.

“I experienced a challenging time when I arrived in Dallas from Louisiana.  I asked God to give me a gift only he could, that would allow me to bring in extra money to survive.  Mind you, I have no professional schooling for this talent other than what God blessed my hands with. I took a few classes at AI, but that was just fundamentals.  I also didn’t have any immediate family in Dallas. God spoke to me, and he gave me the vision of what Je’Designs is today; from the name of the business and which people to market my gift to.” Jennifer says. “My ultimate dream is to become a full time celebrity graphic designer in the entertainment industry that travels.  So far, I have created graphics for Rickey Smiley. He played a big part in getting my name out there…he gave me a chance.” WOW!

I asked Jennifer about the pros and cons on being in this business. “The pros are you actually get to meet a lot of people.  When you target entertainers and artists, you meet all kinds of people, but it also comes with different types of attitudes and mannerisms.  The only downside I see in what I do is that in becoming a graphic designer, you become very critical of not only your own work, but others.  I find myself looking at other graphics and finding flaws.  I promise it’s not intentional, but it just makes me work harder at what I do to be the best.  I’m constantly reading and learning.”

Read the full article at our website! http://www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com/businessowner.htm

Signing Off, Dominique