Hot Topic Friday; Keeping Twitter Active

Happy Friday!

Last Friday I talked to you about keeping your Facebook page Active using Facebook Pages Manager. Today I want to talk about twitter.

Although twitter is not as popular as it used to be, it is still used by many authors to promote themselves and their book. But just like with Facebook, sometimes we don’t always have the time to sit in front of a computer screen and send updates.

I’ve started using Hootsuite. Many of you may know about this website, but for those that don’t,  you should definitely check it out. Upon signing up for Hootsuite it will tell you that the first thirty days are free and then after that it’s $9.95 a month. I thought this were true until I ended my subscription because I thought $9.95 a month was too much. Hootsuite offered me a free subscription with limited access. This limited access still works for me.

Hootsuite allows users to schedule tweets in advance. It’s a wonderful tool for those that don’t have the time to post tweets all day. Not only does Hootsuite work for twitter, it also works for LinkedIn Facebook and more. You can keep updates going on several different twitter accounts.

So check it out!

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Hot Topic Friday; Meaningless words in your Writing

Good Morning! It’s Friday!

Recently, I came across a very interesting article. It talks about meaningless words in our writing. I thought it would be interesting to post and see just how many of us make these mistakes in a writing.

Take a look and come back and leave a comment on your thoughts of the list:

See ya next Friday for another Hot Topic Friday!

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Hot Topic Friday; Author Page on Facebook

Happy Friday!

I have an Author Page on Facebook. I also have a personal page but I keep the two separate. If you are a published author, having an author page on Facebook is definitely something you want to consider. Having so many social networks to keep up with, its hard to keep all of these social networks active. But I’ve found a solution to that.

I have an iPad and iphone. There’s an app in the App Store for Apple that is called “Facebook Pages Manager” It allows those with pages on Facebook to update them in this app rather than having to go on Facebook on your PC or laptop to update it.  It’s convenient and updates just as if you were on your PC or laptop.

This app also allows you to schedule updates. Very convenient for those that can’t sit in front of a computer screen all day and send updates.

I am not sure if this app is available for other electronic users. But check out your App store and see if it is available. It may not be called Facebook Pages Manager, but look for it and download it. It’s definitely an app you want to have to help you keep your pages updated.

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Hot Topic Friday; Marketing with Book Trailers

Happy Friday!

So today I want to talk about marketing your book with a video. There are a lot of people who market with a book trailer and some that don’t. I particularly do. I like the creation and I especially like the promotion.  But if you are releasing a book soon. I encourage you to have a book trailer. You do not have to find actors to play out scenes from your book. You can if you like. I know tons of authors who do it but to me, it’s not necessary. Your book Trailer should include:

  • Information about the new book
  • Release Date
  • Information about yourself
  • Brief mention of your previous work or what you have released before
  • How to contact you.

Book Trailers can be created on any computer with video creation software.

My Book Trailers are created by Don Savant. Contact me for his information if you are interested!

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Hot Topic Friday; Getting your books on ibooks

Good Morning. It’s finally Friday. Let’s talk books!

I recently discovered that it is pretty easy to get your books on ibooks. I download most of my books using ibooks so I believe it’s definitely a place you want your books. People either a Kindle or an Ipad/iphone. Rarely do you see people with both. Anyway, as I said before, go where the money goes. If people are starting to download their books onto ibooks, then your book needs to be there.

I’ve already attempted to get my books on ibooks. I am still in the process but I will walk you through it.

I will tell you the draw back to having your books on ibooks is that you need a MAC. That could be any of the MAC’s or MAC mini. I say that’s a drawback because MAC’s are not cheap. They are the most reliable and popular laptops these days. Many people have them, but not all.

First you want to go to this link:

Once you get there you will be asked if you want to publish paid books or free books. I would suggest doing paid books because once you upload a book for Free it cannot be changed.

You will also need an EIN number. What is an EIN number? It’s basically a Tax ID number You are being paid for something and will have to claim this on your taxes. It’s helps to have it now anyway especially when you start selling a lot of books if you aren’t already. To get an EIN number, simply Google it. I did. I was able to get an EIN number within minutes. I then went back to Apple to sign up but my EIN number was rejected because I didn’t give my EIN number enough time to get in the system. So when you get your number. Wait maybe a week and then try to again with your account.

It’s all easy but, remember you need a MAC. This is definitely something to think about if you want to expand your market.

Happy Friday! I hope this little bit of information helps you expand with your books.

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Hot Topic Friday; Getting your book on Goodreads

Happy Friday!

It’s the end of the work week and today I want to talk about getting your book on Goodreads.

Many readers who are on Goodreads use the website to keep track of the books they read, join groups, give reviews and get to know other avid readers. Readers can also follow authors, follow their events and more. But I’ve learned that there are a lot of authors who don’t know how to get their book on Goodreads.

Goodreads offers something called an Author Program.

If you are an author on Goodreads, you sign up as an author. Fill out all of the information including your bio, website link, genres and more. You promote yourself as an author and get fans.  You have a blog. You can list your published books (we’ll talk more about this in a minute) upcoming events and more. This page as an author is a little more detailed than a regular Goodreads account. This is a way to promote yourself as an author and avid reader. (I don’t know many authors that don’t read)

Now to get your book on Goodreads: this is very important and easy to do. Just as important as getting it on kindle or ibooks. Where people are gravitating to that’s where you want your work; right in their face, all the time. So your book should be on Goodreads. I am a book reviewer and there are times when I am reading a book and would like to add it to my book list and post my review on Goodreads but the author has not placed their book on the website. A reader should not have to do this. Your book should be on the website.

To do this you simply go to my books on your Goodreads account. At the top you will see an Add Books link. Click on that and then click manually add a book.

A page will come up asking all types of information. Fill this information out and make sure it’s complete. **Don’t miss the add an image section at the top of the screen**

Once you are finished, click Create Book and your done.

Now when you finish this step you will see that it is easy for anyone to add a book, but in my opinion, I don’t think a reader should have to add a book. The author should do this themselves.

So there you go, get your book on goodreads and start promoting!

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Hot Topic Friday; Turning your book into Kindle Version

Good Morning!

It’s Friday and my first post on the New Hot Topic Friday. I figured at the end of the week, why not discuss news and products that can help us with our books and business. Today I am going to tell you how to turn your book into a Kindle Ready Version.

It is very simple. I did it myself last year and have earned a lot of sales with my book being on Kindle. With our book society turning to Apple, Nook and Kindle, there’s no reason why your book should not be on Kindle. The first thing you need to do is format your book.

Formatting is not as hard as it seems. In fact, Amazon provides a detailed video on how to format your for Kindle. DO NOT skip any step in this video. Be sure that you’ve done every step.

Once your book is formatted for Kindle it’s time to upload your work. All of the uploading takes just a few minutes. The site makes sure that there are no errors. You will have a chance to review your work. You upload your information (Cover, author of the book and price) Speaking of price, on Kindle you get 70% of your sales. That’s extraordinary! There’s no middle man or anything.

The biggy, is to make sure you have the rights to your book. If you do not have the rights to your book, you will need to go through your publisher to get permission to post your book on Kindle. So be sure that you own the contents.

Once you have finished the process, it takes from 12-24 hours for your book to be available. Once Amazon sends you an email saying your book is ready, I suggest you buy a copy of your book to see it the way your readers will see it.

And that’s about it!

Before you get started with the process, watch this video. Have your book up on your computer screen so you are ready to get started. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below.

If you feel that this kindle process is just too much for you, I do provide the service of doing it for you.

Here’s the link. Enjoy:

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