Authors, Writers and Business Owners…I have news!


Good Morning!!

The POV Lounge is BACK!!!

I’ve been on a two month long vacation and I think I am ready to bring it this year with literary advice and tips. I have a lot of new things to introduce to you.

First, Monday’s are now VIP with Dominique. I want to start our week off with business on our minds. Getting down to the “business” of being an author. Second, The POV Lounge will continue to be a Blog Tour stop. I will begin accepting submissions for tours on September 1st. You can view available dates here: I will also continue to do author book reviews. I review one book a month and I am currently only accepting ebooks. If you would like to submit your book for a review right now, please do so by clicking the link:

I am also providing the service of Book Release Promotion. This was very popular back in May. I do suggest all authors check out the information and submit their book. Details can be found here:

Wednesday’s will continue to be Question of the Week. I think many of my readers really appreciated the questions and feedback. So be sure that you tune in.

You can look forward to seeing the Hot Topic on Friday’s now and Curling up with a Page Turner will continue to flow through the blog. It’ going to be a great start for the fall. Poetry Promotion was a bit scattered back in February and March, but I’d like to pick it up again. Tune in on September 1st. to view the next month’s theme:

So what can you do right now? Authors, sign up for Book Release Promotion and Book Reviews. Blog Tour Hosts, check out the schedule for Blog Tours and put The POV Lounge your schedule.

I am eager to get back to business. I can’t tell you all how much I’ve missed The POV Lounge!

Signing Off,


Poetry Promotion

Today is the day of love. Many people are celebrating Love today. Today I want to invite all of my poetry lovers to post a love poem today on The POV Lounge in the new segment, “Poetry Promotion”. If you have not read the rules, here is the information for posting.

The POV Lounge is featuring a new segment once a month for Poetry Writers. This segment, Poetry Promotion, was created to give poetry writers another place to promote themselves and their work. Each month, a winner will be picked and advertised on The POV Lounge and around social media networks until the next segment. I encourage all of you to bring your A game!

The segment will come once a month starting on February 14th, 2013 in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

This month’s theme: Love

I am inviting all poetry writers who write in the genre of love to post their poems on The POV Lounge on February 14th, 2013. At the end of the day, I will be giving recognition to the poem and poet I liked the most and I feel my viewers liked the most.


1. 3 poems per person

2. Author must include information about themselves (twitter information, website, blog)

3. DO NOT include your bio.If you win I will ask for it later

4. Author is responsible for checking the blog often to find out if they won and getting their poems comments.

5. If you post outside of the preferred genre you will be disqualified

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. The theme for each month changes. Be sure to check back here often to be prepared for the next month’s theme.

Good Luck!

I’m including one of my personal love poems that is my favorite.

“Filling me up with Love”

Good morning he says
how did you sleep
peaceful she replies; peaceful with you next to me
He smiles at the beauty that lays next to him
Silently thanking God for his wonderful blessing
She gets out of bed; today she has much to look forward to
Her silhouette he watches; she knows just what to do
A night of love
A morning in bliss
They never knew love could feel like this

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