“Be a part of our March Writers Edition”

In March From A Writer’s POV is celebrating Writers, the non-published. We are inviting writers to participate in the edition.

If you are a writer and not published, use this month to get some of your work promoted on our website and/or print magazine. We have several spots available. Follow the guidelines and submit your work to us.


  • You must be a non-published writer (no books ever published)
  • Be able to provide a professional/decent headshot picture of yourself
  • Be able to provide a bio written in third person only
  • Be able to provide up to two links for our readers to view to refer back to you

Writing Submission

We will accept any type of writing (All genres) but it must be kept clean for our younger viewers. (Erotica submissions are accepted but must be kept as clean as possible. Ask us about it if you need more details) It must also be within our writing submissions guidelines. Any submission that does not follow those guidelines will automatically be deleted. There is a $5 entry fee for the submission. All work must be your own work, we will check for plagiarism.

Poetry/Spoken Word Submissions

One page of advertisement includes:

  1. Your poem
  2. Your bio (written in third person only)
  3. Headshot picture of yourself only
  4. Link to website
  5. 150 word or less
  6. Must be your own work

Short Story submissions

Two Pages of advertisement includes:

  1. Your story
  2. Your bio (written in third person only)
  3. 1,000 words or less
  4. Story must be your own fictional work
  5. Headshot picture of yourself only
  6. Link to website



General “About Me” Page

(If you do not want to submit work but would rather submit information about yourself, this submission would be for you.)


One page of advertisement includes:


  1. Your bio (written in third person only)
  2. Headshot picture of yourself only
  3. Link to website

How to submit:

Email us at inquiries@fromawriterspovmagazine.com

Subject Box: March Writing Submission

  • Choose the type of writing you will be submitting. (One submission per person)
  • Create a word document
  • Place the title of your work in the document and include your writing, your bio and your link for your website. (Check word count)
  • Save the document and attach it to your email to us.
  • Inside the email include your picture

Once we receive your submission we’ll let you know if your work has been picked to be displayed in our magazine and we’ll request the entry fee.




From A Writer’s POV Staff






Winter Authors Campaign; Imani WIsdom

Untimely Revelations: A Collection of Stories of Love, Faith, and Forgiveness

New author, Imani Wisdom writes a powerful collection of five short stories that bring to life five different people’s point of view on love, faith and forgiveness.  From the music mogul, Elijah Baker to seven-year-old Daniella, each character shows how turning their adversity into the simplest form of love is achievable.

Will a lack of faith keep them from moving forward to a new chapter in their life?  Who will find forgiveness from a dark past?  Or for Harold Smith, could love dissolve a heart filled with bitterness and discontent?

Time awaits no one, not even by the last rose petal…




Book coming soon!

Purchase this book at






Winter Authors Campaign; Follow the Authors!

The Winter Authors Campaign continues this month with Authors Imani Wisdom and Savanna J. View below the authors link and how to get in touch with them and purchase their links.

Imani Wisdom

1. www.facebook.com/imaniwisdom

2. www.twitter.com/imani_wisdom

3. www.imaniwisdom.blogspot.com

4.   http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5603130-imani-wisdom

5. www.linkedin.in.imaniwisdom

6. www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/imaniwisdom

7. www.digg.com/imanwisdom

8. www.myspace.com/imaniunique71

9. www.myspace.com/imanisweetlove

10. www.foursquare.com/imani_wisdom

Savanna J

  1. www.thesavannahjpublications.com
  2. www.theannualauthlitfestival.com
  3. www.twitter.com/@savana74
  4. www.facebook.com/savannahjpublications
  5. http://www.linkedin.com/in/savannahjackson
  6. SusanGarne040@blackauthors.ning.com     
  7. www.myspace.com/savannahjpublications
  8. www.blackauthorsconnect.com/savannahjackson

View  more about these authors at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

The Writer’s Process; The NaNoWriMo Experience

I’m a little bit out of my element on this write up. I put my usual Writer’s Process topic on the back burner (to simmer for another hot topic next month), and I am bringing in some help for this month’s column on The NaNoWriMo Experience. No, it’s not a weekend trip to a Native-American reservation or a Sci-Fi virtual tour. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month.

It is an annual creative writing challenge that takes place every November for the entire month. Writers who participate in the event are challenged to write a novel of 50,000 words. What started as a small gathering in July 1999 of twenty-one participants has grown to over 200,000 writers in 2011. This is what you call extreme writing…where every one of the thirty days of November is a challenge to accomplish your goal of writing a well-written novel of 50,000 words by the end of the month. Talk about a writer’s process! This makes my usual column look like Writing 101. The writers involved in this event are so dedicated to the cause that they change their everyday routine for the thirty days to complete their goal.

As I stated earlier, I have some inside help with this special column. Author Cherry-Ann Carew and Blogger Tamyara were nice enough to help a brother out. I got right to the meat of the subject by asking Tamyara how all that cramming affects her everyday routine:

“It affected my life by putting off my blog which I do weekly. I kind of strictly focus on writing this versus going out or sleeping. This was the first year for me so I worried if I lost a day I’d fall behind.”

Author Cherry-Ann Carew has already had the experience of grinding out a novel. But for something as pressurized as NaNoWriMo, how did she prepare for it?

Read the full article at: www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

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