Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reader

“On the other side of the fence”

I must admit, I can’t really call myself the old school reader because lately, I love to read ebooks. I have an ipad so I have been downloading every book I need to read rather than just going to my book collection and getting it off the shelves. One author I have not taken to the other side is James Patterson. I still curl up with his books in my hand rather than on a device.

I am currently promoting my upcoming book Love’s Deception. I have not released a book since 2010 which was the volume two to my Poetry Collection. This time around I am on the other side of the fence.

I have to find several venues to help me promote my book, get interviews, reviews and more. It’s tough but honestly it’s a lot of fun. For so many years I have been on the business side and coming around this side for a change feels pretty good.

It’s an amazing feeling to see my book cover for the first time or to release the synopsis of the book and readers get excited right along with me. This is something I must do at least once a year. Getting all caught up in the business side of this field can be tough and sometimes a downer. If you are on the business side of this field and are a published author, do yourself a favor, take a break! Release a book!

I am having so much fun doing this. It brings me right back to the only reason I do what I do, I love books and I love creating them.

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What am I reading?

“Zoo” by: James Patterson

“Vertical Coffin” by Stephen J Cannell

“The Drop” by: Michael Connelly

“The Safe Man” by Michael Connelly


Curling up with a Page Turner Feedback

“If you are a business owner or literary service provider and are also a publisher author, how do you go back and forth from each of those jobs? How do you juggle the two?”


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Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reading; Writing/Reading a Book Series

It’s been a while since I wrote an article for Curling Up with a Page Turner. There is one thing I’ve been doing a lot of, that’s reading. I’ve been very busy over the last few months trying to finish a goal I set for myself with reading on The goal is to read 50 books in 2012. I have five books left and it’s only September. I’m way ahead of schedule.

Most of the books I’ve read have been read within a week or two. I’m currently trying to get through the Michael Connelly and J A Jance series. Both are mystery and suspense books that have great characters I like following.

I personally love reading a series because I feel as if I’m following a person’s life. I’m watching them grow and develop over time and I enjoy that. I love to see how this character comes out of tough situations and how they deal with the things their author makes them endure.

What are your thoughts on writing a series? I’m actually in the process of starting my first series and the genre is mystery and suspense. Something I’ve been itching to do for quite some time now.

For me reading a standalone book is fun but I like being familiar with my characters. Someone new, I’m basically starting all over again.

This month give your feedback on book series and standalone books. I want to hear from you!

See ya next month

What am I reading?

“Until Proven Guilty” by J A Jance

“Heat Rises” by Richard Castle

“The Killing Floor” by Lee Child

Curling up with a Page Turner Feedback of the Month

“Do you like reading a book series? Do you like writing a book series? What are your thoughts on reading and writing book series?”

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Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reading: “Writing a Book for you…or the Reader?”

Just six months ago we started 2012. Everyone had their New Year’s Resolutions and new starts in play. six months down the line…can you say you’ve kept your New Year’s Resolutions going? Although the New Year was six months ago there’s a “New Year” with Curling up with a Page Turner. Did you know I’ve been writing this column for one year this month? Talk about time flying.

Some of you may know I’m a speed reader. I can read a book in three days. My personal best is 24 hours and yes that is with sleep. One may say I’m not enjoying the book when I read fast. To each his own. But I read books like I’m watching a movie and in my best film, the action never stops until an hour and thirty minutes later.

As a reader, how do you read your books? Slow so you can savor the scenes as you read them? Fast because the book is too good to slow down or does it depend on the read itself?

As an author, I speed write. Basically I write the way I like to read. I don’t think it would bother me if someone finished my book in a day. Actually I think that would excite me. Simply because that means my book was so good they couldn’t put it down. But as an author how do you write your books? What speed of writing do you take when producing your book? Do you even think of your readers when writing? I know I do. I always write with my readers in mind. What I’m typing or writing must benefit the reader in some way.

While I’m starting a new year with Curling up with a Page Turner column, I hope you have found my author/reader advice helpful. I hope that these columns have helped you look at your author status from a reader’s perspective and vise versa.

Never write with just your perspective in mind. The readers are the reason the ladder of success gets higher!

See ya next Month!


What am I reading…

“Naked in Death” by: J.D Robb

“Heat Wave” Richard Castle


“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“Do you write with your readers in mind? If so how?”


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Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reading: Are you on goodreads?


Welcome to another Curling up with a Page Turner blog.

Most of my Curling up with a Page Turner blogs come from the books I’m currently reading or the position I’m in as an author.

I joined Goodreads, I believe, a few years ago. As you know I am a lover of books and not just the concept of books; telling a story as the pages turn, I love to hold a book in my hand. This is why I call myself the old school reader. So many people are turning to ebooks but I have a love for walking into a book store and browsing the shelves. I must thank my Grandmother for this love because she gave it to me.

On Goodreads, I’ve given myself a goal. I plan to read 50 or more books in one year. I’m currently sitting at close to 25 books so far this year. Not only that, I’m reading 12 books at one time. How I do it I don’t know but I do and I love it.

Through my blog The POV Lounge, I do book reviews for authors. Using Goodreads, I add these books to my currently reading list and allow those that follow me on various websites to view my progress.

Goodreads allows not only readers but authors as well to upload a profile. Readers can follow their favorite authors on there and readers can track their reading progress. As an author, when it comes down to marketing your book, always look into having your book on Goodreads. On Goodreads, readers leave reviews about the books they’ve read. These reviews can help any author when it comes to promotion and sales. The author can get some type of idea of what the public thinks about their book.

As a reader and reviewer, I always look for my current books on Goodreads. I’m always looking to help the author as best as I can. If you are in need of promotion and sales for your work, look into getting a profile with Goodreads. Then get your book placed on their website. It can only help!

For readers it’s a fun way to track all the books you’ve read and see what others think about the books you love.

Curling up with a Page Turner Feedback

“Authors, are you on goodreads? If so, give us your link so we can follow you!”

Current books I’m reading:

Naked by Death by J.D Robb

11th Hour by: James Patterson

Full House by: Jean Holloway

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Curling up with a Page Turner; The continuation of The ABC’s of becoming a Writer

Last month I gave you A-K on things you need to know about when it comes to becoming a writer. This list is not just for beginning writers, it’s also for veterans who want a refresher. Let’s continue with the list starting with the letter L.

L. Learn more in your craft

You are never too old to learn. Take courses, join writing groups, expand in your craft. Learn as much as you can as often as you can.

M. Motivate Yourself

As an author, you have to be able to motivate yourself. You have to be able to excite yourself to get the pen rolling in your career. Being self motivated is definitely helpful in becoming a writer.

N. Never Give Up

It’s easy to throw in the towel and say I’m done especially when you are making the money you think you should, the book isn’t selling and people aren’t interested. Go back to the drawing board…but don’t give up!

O. Open a Book

Whatever genre you choose, it’s wise to read a book in that genre. Know what the people like. Get familiar with those you will be in competition with. Always read in your genre!

P. Prepare for your future

Yes, you are just starting out in the writing field but no one knows what tomorrow holds. Prepare for your literary future. Always think about what your next steps are including finances, new books, networking, travel etc. Prepare for your literary career.

Q. Quit

Quit comparing yourself to other writers and authors. Although many times people say to look at other authors/writers in your genre it’s not good to compare yourself to them. See what type of writer they are, read their bio and get to know them but at the end of the day be your own person.

R. Remember where you came from

One thing I notice about veteran authors is that they forget where they came from. They forget that they started somewhere. Don’t be that author. Remember there are other authors/writers who are looking up to you. Don’t forget about them. Give them the advice you didn’t have when starting out. Always remember where you came from. Remember your struggles.

S. Start now

After you have read this article, start promoting who you are now. The sooner the better. Don’t wait till the book is about ready to hit the shelves, start now. Join writing groups, meet your peers, attend events. Let people know about you!

T. Think about what you’re doing

It’s always wise to think about your decisions before acting on them. You always want to think before you sign the contract, think before you hire the editor or graphic designer, think before you decide on anything in the literary world. Most of the time the decision is final and you can’t go back on what you’ve decided. For example, if you publish with a self publishing company that says when you click “print” for your book to go to print, there can be no changes. Well you want to be sure that everything you’ve uploaded is what you want because, you can’t go back.

U. Understand the pressure of the business

Being a published author and writer is tough. Every stage of this business is tough. Sometimes you have to be your own boss, your own editor, your own PR/Marketer, your own typesetter. It can be very tough. Not to mention, you are also the creator of the book and the writer of the book. You can end up wearing many hats in your career. You must understand that this business is tough. Even if you don’t wear all those hats and you have a staff that works for you, ultimately, everything falls back on you! Be sure to take time off between projects. Be sure to keep in mind that this business is tough and you learn as you go.

V. Venture Off

Most of the time when you write your first book you know close to nothing in how the business works. You have a passion for this story you want to get out and you know for sure you want to write and publish a book. Many times, up and coming authors don’t take the time to learn the business so they don’t know much. Most authors go with traditional publishing rather than self publishing because the company has sold them on “I’ll make your book a best seller” When an author does go through self publishing the number one reason is money. It costs close to nothing to self publish with many companies and/or the author wants their book in stores fast. To sum it all up, we all start somewhere. But keep in mind that after the first or second book, you are going to want to venture off. Many authors become editors. Maybe they got “burned” with their last book and want to make a difference in others lives. Some even start their own publishing company and help others get in the face of the literary field. Keep in mind that even if you have not published your first book yet, you may want to consider venturing off. There’s so many different things you can do in the literary world. Venturing off is never a bad idea.

W. Write Often

Even if you are not currently working on a book, writing often is important. It keeps the juices flowing. Try joining writing clubs, writing workshops or writing classes to keep your writing fresh.

X. X out the Xenophobia

For those that don’t know what Xenophobia is, I’ll explain. It’s a fear or hatred for strangers and those who are foreign. I used this word because throughout your literary career, you are going to come across people who are foreign and those that are strangers. Don’t be afraid to connect with them or come into contact with them. In other words, embrace new people. Try to connect with those you don’t know and be open to new things.

Y. Yield

Always be cautious. Although it’s important to connect be cautious. In this field not everyone is proud of you and wants to help you. So always be cautious!

Z. Zone

Every author/writer has a zone. It’s their personal space and area they get into when creating something great. A zone is not created by a room or surroundings. A zone is a place within you that brings out your magic. It’s situations and/or circumstances that may or may not include other outside things like, the weather, people, music, TV etc. Before you decide to publish anything you will know your zone. Once you get to know your zone, remember, this is the place for you that brings out your best. When you are in it…bring it!


What am I reading…

“Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer

“Skeleton Canyon” by JA Jance

“Trunk Music” by Micheal Connelly

“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“Describe your zone as a writer. Has there ever been a time that something you read inspired you to write?”

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Curling up with a Page Turner; “The ABC’s of Becoming a Writer”

This month is Writers’ Month on From A Writer’s POV. All authors and lovers of the literary field start out in writing and then venture off to other areas in the literary field. So this month, I want to talk to those who are not published yet, but looking to become a published author.

I’ve created the ABC’s of breaking into the literary field. Enjoy!

A. Advice

You can never receive too much advice. Get as much as you can from any source you can get it from. You do not have to follow in the footsteps of someone else, nor do you have to do exactly what someone else has done. Keep in mind they have been there, done that. Take what you can and put your own twist on it.

B. Brainstorm

Continue to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. Take the time to do this as often as possible. Whatever your comfortable writing zone is-when that time comes, embrace it and collect your thoughts. Use your notebook to write down your ideas so that you don’t forget them. Brainstorming is a great way to produce a new writing project.

C. Consistency

One thing readers do not like is a writer who is all over the place. Be consistent in what you do. Whether it’s releasing books, producing a newsletter or updating your status on Facebook, continue to do what you do and keep it going.

D. Drive

Being an author is hard work. It’s one of the hardest self-employed jobs today. By our own drive and motivation, we control how much money we make. You must have drive and have a go-getter attitude to make it as an author. Be ready to get in the driver’s seat and put the gear into drive when wearing the author hat.

E. Expect nothing less

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations as an author. As long as the expectations are realistic, you are on the right path. Expect nothing less than what you expect from yourself and your career as an author. Others need to know you that you mean business!

F. Forgiveness

Humor me. You gotta forgive those that don’t believe in you now because later, they’ll regret it! Onward!

G. Genre

Don’t be confined to one genre. As an author, it’s okay to dabble into other genres. Although you may not be an experienced author right now, after you’ve been comfortable in your genre of choice, try dabbling into other genre. Also, remember that your audience may not take the change, so it is risky.

H. Help

As with advice, get as much as you can from wherever you can. Having someone on your side through this journey is always helpful; preferably, someone who has published a book or two before you.

I. Initiate

This simply means to initiate any type of connection with others. Introduce yourself to people and get to know them. Start networking. Email people and tell them about you. Join groups and be the first to say, “Hey, get to know me.”

J. Jot down everything

Write down everything that comes to mind. Keep notes. These will come in handy during those late nights when you have the writing juices flowing.

K. Keep Writing

You will come to a point where the writing will get dull. You’ll seem to not have any more juice in you and you have no motivation. Keep writing. Keep pushing. It will get better.

Join me next month as we get the rest of the remaining ABC’s of becoming a Writer

What am I reading…

Private Games by James Patterson

Airing out Dirty Laundry by Latisha Patterson

A for Alibi by Sue Grafton

“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“As an author/writer, what do you believe are the key components in being successful in the literary field?”

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Curling up with a Page Turner; “Author and Legend P.D James”

I normally don’t do articles about specific authors, unless you’re James Patterson of course. But I was recently introduced to a new author, P.D. James. I wasn’t introduced to her face to face. My strong interest in Mystery and Suspense books in my two days of book shopping a few months ago helped me discover this author.

Why am I writing this article about her? Let me first say, she’s 91 years old. Born August 3rd, 1920….and she’s still writing and releasing books. I was fascinated to see a woman of her age still having the creativity to write and publish books. How motivating!

I told the President of From A Writer’s POV about her and he laughed saying, “That will be you one day.” Funny, I can see myself doing that too, an old woman still writing books. Still giving my fans what they love.

But it wasn’t just her age that drew me into knowing more about her, it was after I read just a few pages of her book The Private Patient.

Read the rest of article at