Business Profile; Hot Sassy Designs

Hotsassydesigns (1)About the Company: Hot Sassy Designs is a video production and Graphic design company. We produce Book Trailers for Authors and Writers. Book Trailers are an excellent way to attract potential readers. We take our client’s ideas and transform them into something amazing.

“We started out just creating wedding videos for Newly Weds. Then we started to expand and we started connecting with aspiring writers and self-published authors looking for videos. We were able to meet a lot of writers looking for help promoting their books. So we started creating Book Trailers. Book Trailers are similar to movie trailers, they both give the same effect when attracting potential customers.”

Staff/Employees: 5 individuals in Video production team.

Hours of Operation: 9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri

“We use Social Media Outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote our Company. Sometimes we network with other promotional companies or businesses that promote for us.”

Inquiry Information: Once signed up we email our clients our requirements for creating a Book Trailer. Clients must provide the book cover, music they would like included, pictures, and a concept for their Trailer. If you don’t have any ideas for your Trailer, we use snippets from your book to come up with ideas.

Owner Dee Smith thoughts on the future of the company and expansion, “In the next five years I would like for my company to grow tremendously. I would like to have a team of 500 and a client list of 1 billion. I like to dream big!”

Hot Sassy Designs


G Street Chronicles, Certified Literary Powerhouse

G StreetFor the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the owner of one of the hottest publishing companies today. He’s taken the time to mentor and motivate me personally and professionally. I’ve read his books and watched him lead his team, providing his readers with nothing but the best. I am honored to be able to interview George Sherman Hudson and allow my readers to get to know his story…

George Sherman Hudson, CEO of G Street Chronicles

George’s story does not start when he was in school. It doesn’t start when he was a young boy and had the drive and excitement to write a book; George decided to write a book while doing time in prison. After finishing the book, he decided to learn the publishing process and publish his own book instead of going through the submission process. “I was misquoted in a past interview saying I submitted work to Triple Crown and some other publisher, but that never happened. I never submitted work to anyone. I studied the industry and launched my own company,” George says.

G Street Chronicles has been in business since 2009. Over the past 2 ½ years, G Street Chronicles has become one of the major publishing houses. There is no Urban Fiction reader that has not read at least one G Street Chronicles book.

Starting a company is never easy. However, George took the necessary steps to get G Street off the ground. I asked him what he did to get the company up and rolling. “I started this company with money I had before incarceration and a friend’s cash infusion. I started this company while in prison, so it was no easy task. I lost $18,000 because of my ignorance of the industry which, back then, wasn’t big on the booming eBook trend that’s going on now, so it was very difficult to recover from such a huge loss. But, I didn’t let that stop me.”

When it was finally time for George to sign his first author, he says he was a little nervous because he was holding this person’s dream in his hands. “It felt good to sign my first author but, at the same time, I was a little nervous because I really didn’t know the business from top to bottom and at that point, I’d taken on the responsibility of being in charge of this person’s dream.”

With George being the head of one of the most successful publishing companies, his talent, drive and motivation caused many authors to want to sign with him and be a part of the G Street Team.

George is not only a publisher, he’s an author as well. Ever since George has decided to mentor me, we have very good conversations. One conversation George had with me was funny, but professional. I’d decided that I wanted George to be featured on PEN’Ashe Magazine, but I said I wanted to feature him as an author and then do a cover story and feature him as a CEO. He quickly said…and he says this to me often, “Come on now, Dominique.” Then he proceeded to say, “I am a CEO first, then an author. You have to interview me as a CEO and then interview as an author.” I laughed, but I got it. This shows just how professional this man is.

In the interview, I asked George how he juggles being an author and a publisher. He said, “It’s not hard. I’m really more of a publisher than an author, but handling both is not hard at all. I make sure I’m a publisher first because it wouldn’t be fair to all the authors who have signed. They signed their contract to be represented by a publisher, not an author.” I believe this is something every author must take to heart when they decide to publish with someone. The publisher must care about who they are publishing.

While George is the CEO of G Street Chronicles, the company is also run with his COO, Shawna A, handling the operations alongside him. George tells me that his biggest struggle was dealing with the day-to-day issues while incarcerated. He says that Shawna has been a big help in helping the company grow over the years.

The publishing industry is booming nowadays and just about anyone can write and publish a book. I asked George his opinion of today’s publishing industry. “The industry today is internet driven. Authors today don’t have to get out in the streets to sell books. With the booming social networks, internet bookselling has changed. Now authors can sell millions of books from the comforts of their homes without ever stepping a foot outside. The industry is wide open and now everyone who wants to be an author and/or publisher is diving in but, believe me, only the real ones will be left standing in this saturated market.”

Just as easily as it is to write and publish a book, the same eagerness is put into becoming a publisher, just about anyone can do it. But is that really true? I asked George where he thought many publishers fall short. “Many publishers fall short by not producing quality products, putting out poorly written and unedited books with no substance. Also, being less than professional when dealing with publishing issues is not a good look when you’re supposed to be a business owner representing a brand and others associated with your brand.”

With there being so many publishing companies to choose from, I asked George what made G Street different. So many publishers can slap a logo on a book and call it a day. George explained what make G Street different, “G Street Chronicles is nothing like the rest. This company was started in my quest for freedom and has become one of the top publishing houses in the game in a span of only two years. With Shawna A. handling operations alongside me, we gained major distribution, acquired major accounts, signed numerous authors, connected with people in the film/music industry and basically…we have risen to a whole different level. We have created a strong brand and have achieved what we set out to do…become a household name.”

In order for G Street to be a household name, there has so be something behind each book that pushes the reader to want to indulge in this company and then to want to come back repeatedly. George says his motivation is to please the reader and provide them with a source of entertainment. He says different books will give different results. Some will read to escape their daily lives, some will read to add excitement, and some will read to relax. “I want them to get from the books whatever they are looking for. End result…satisfaction.”

Marketing and promotion is one of the most important areas of being an author and publisher that one must master, but it takes time and trial and error. I asked George what marketing tools have been effective for his team. “I can’t say that any one thing has been the most effective. What has worked for me and Shawna is constant and consistent marketing in various areas at the same time. When our TV commercial was running, we were still on our social networks. We don’t stop one thing to try another, so for us, all marketing tools work as a ‘team’.”

George’s tips and advice for self-published authors or authors who want to start publishing their own work: “DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Don’t jump into this business thinking you know everything without doing your research. You will be swallowed up by the sharks in no time. With everything you do, it takes time, so take the time to understand the process and the business before you put your time and money into it. If it’s your dream, go for it, but do it with knowledge and chances of success are greater.”

Since I have been in this business, George has been one of the most honest, reliable and motivational professionals I have dealt with. I’ve come across people who wouldn’t return emails or simply wouldn’t deal with me because of what I do and what I am capable of accomplishing. He’s the first person I can truly say that has mentored me and I take his words to heart…all of them! As a reader, author and professional, I am looking forward to what George and G Street has to offer the public. 2014 is the year of success. I believe that G Street will exceed and expand on many levels.

G Street Chronicles in 2014: “Expansion! We’ve already announced five imprint companies, signed several new authors-even one from the UK and we have several major announcements that I can’t reveal yet. We will continue to give our readers the books they have become accustomed to and honestly, Dominique…Shawna and I have so many things planned that the best way to answer this is…STAY TUNED!”

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Facebook: G Street Chronicles

Twitter: @GStreetChronicl

Instagram: G Street Chronicles

Looking to feature Business Owners! Get the details!

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Earlier in the week, I told you about the new magazine I was bringing to the forefront in January. I want to get to know business owners! If you are a business owner and want  a little bit of exposure for your literary business, check out the details below and contact me!

“In the Know: Businesses to Kick Start your Author Career”

Get your business featured in PEN’Ashe’s Business Kick Start Column. Share the details of your business and what you have to offer.

This feature includes an interview about you and your business and how customers can use your services. Your business information and logo will also be placed in our Business Directory.

Business Owner must have:

A business website

Been in business for at least six months

Inquire today by emailing:

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VIP with Dominique; Why you should have a Media Kit

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Let’s talk business!

A media kit is very important to have as an author and as a business owner. Many authors and writers are afraid of the word media kit when professionals ask them for it. Creating a media is simple and should always be included in any type of submission for your work.

Media kits let professionals know about you and your work. You should create a media for every book that you publish. The reason is, when you submit a request for a review or interview, most of the time authors are promoting their recent work. Their recent work is most likely a book they have published recently. So that professional is going to want to know about that particular book that is being promoted. So it’s a good idea to have a media kit for every one of your books.

It is ok to create a media kit for all books or a general media kit. This type of media kit should have everything about you and all of your work. It should not single out any particular book. The purpose of a media kit is to bring attention to something in particular so when doing a general media make sure that everything is included and you are not singling out one book.

As a business owner, you should also have a media kit. Business owners get interviewed as well and most professionals want a media kit so they can know more about you and know what questions to focus on in the interview.

Bottom line, it’s important to have a media kit. It’s a marketing tool that you will be asked to submit most of the time. We all know that marketing is a very tough part of writing and publishing a book. It is a means to an end; profiting from your hard work and in order to do that we have to promote to make a profit.

So what’s in a media kit? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you should put in your media kit is a bio. Your bio. Your bio should be written in third person and it should include a nice, professional picture of you.

The next thing that should be in a media kit is the book you are submitting about. Your synopsis and book cover should be included. That’s the focal point of the media kit.

Next, should be links. Your website, facebook, twitter, blog all social media networks. Wherever people can get in contact with you, those links should be there including an email address.

You should include reviews and interviews as well. Have you had book signings? Do you have pictures from events? Put those in there as well. Anything that is going to help market you, place it in your media kit.

You should start your media kit in Word and then transfer it to PDF. Make it look professional and well put together.

I always tell my clients that as an author, you should be able to do everything yourself. This is one of those things that you can do yourself!

If you need help or want someone to look over your media kit, email me

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Business Owner of the Month; Special Edition; Felecia Killings

PFL Publishing

Under the umbrella of Power, Faith, and Love Ministries, PFL Publishing, CA is a business that specializes in educating and supporting Christian writers through book editing, transcriptions, ghostwriting, and other educational services; PFL Publishing purposes to provide a more-excellent approach to editing. “Coming from an educational background as an English instructor, I have worked extensively with young writers, and have found that many of today’s contemporary authors have the same learning style and writing technique as my former scholars. As such, it is my desire to help those entering the business of writing by not only providing editing work, but servicing each client with different writing strategies, methods, and techniques that are necessary for a perfect book.” says, Felecia Killings. In addition, PFL Publishing seeks to provide educational programs and workshops that assist authors through the writing and marketing stages of the business. “One of the objectives of this business is to get writers so acclimated with writing correctly that soliciting “doctoral editing’ services minimizes.”


Felecia S. Killings is a quintessential educator and promoter of change, transformation, and innovation within the educational field. Her years of dedicated service to education, and ascribing to the motto that “Learning is a Lifestyle,” has resulted in extensive years of training and preparation in the educational spectrum. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis in 2005 with double majors in English and African and African American Studies. She also obtained her Master’s Degree from UC Davis’s School of Education in 2007.

Many business owners have graced the pages of From a Writer’s POV providing information and advice to help fellow authors and writers. It’s been a great pleasure working with all of you.

 View the April 2012 Edition of From A Writer’s POV

Business Owner of the Month; Paulette Harper

The owner of “Christian Life Coaching and Writing Coach” Paulette Harper, graces the pages of From A Writer’s POV this month as business owner of the month.

She is a member of P.F.L. Publishing. She serves as the marketing specialist. “My years of marketing my own self-published books have created a special talent —my ability to sell a product well. Not only do I specialize in marketing strategies, but also serves as the publicist for P.F.L. Publishing. Writing coach”

Paulette has been in business for two years. She says she has a passion to help aspiring writers, publish, promote and market their books. “Christian Life Coaching and Writing Coach provides tools, tips and resources that they can use to help them throughout their publishing journey.”

Some of Paulette’s goals include:

  • Create a website for her business.
  • Continuing to learn the industry
  • Establishing her business as a expert in the field
  • Obtaining clients.

If authors are interested in getting in contact with Paulette email her at:  Also find her online at

Words from Paulette: “Continue to expand, network and learn from others who are doing what you want to do.”

Many business owners have graced the pages of From a Writer’s POV providing information and advice to help fellow authors and writers. It’s been a great pleasure working with all of you.

Check out the April 2012 Edition of From A Writer’s POV

Business Owner of the Month; “Virtual Author’s Assistant at its Best”

Joy Farrington, Virtual Author’s Assistant, has been working with authors since 2004. She decided to become a virtual assistant because it involves the thing she loves most…books. In 2005, she officially started a business called Nubian Literary Network. NLN was created as a tool for authors to connect with book clubs. From NLN, her business model evolved to what it is today. “My company is called Lit Diva, Inc. and I offer literary services and virtual assistance to authors.”

Joy created services specifically to fit an author’s needs. So, whether they are looking for help in writing and completing their book, social media management, book marketing, or need to work with a Virtual Author’s Assistant on a regular basis, she has them covered.


“My short term goal is to grow my business to include services specifically for speakers. I also plan to write two to three more books this year. My long term goals include starting a small press publishing company and creating a membership based website for authors.”


If authors are interested in getting a virtual assistant, you can visit Joy’s website at, email her directly at or schedule a free 15-minute consulting call by visiting


Joy is offering a ‘Hire a VA for only $99’ special during the month of March. “You can hire me as your Virtual Assistance for only $99 a week (average cost normally ranges between $125-$250)

Joy is also hosting the Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge which is free and open to anyone interested in learning how to write a nonfiction book. Books are a great way to help mark yourself as an expert in your field and expand your target audience and the challenge caters specifically to entrepreneurs. If anyone is interested in joining the challenge, they can sign up by visiting  “The Write Your Book in 30 Days Challenge begins March 2nd and includes access to our Motivational Mondays Audio-course as well as our guide featuring tips about the writing and self publishing process.” Be sure to check out the link to get started!

Read the full article at:

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