The POV Lounge Reviews; The Sanctuary

About the Book:

book coverFounded by Bishop Cedric and Lacey Jones. Although known to be a charismatic preacher behind the pulpit, he has some internal demons that he must conquer if he is to remain the leader at The Sanctuary.
First Lady Lacey Jones has been hiding behind the shadows of her husband. She has a thriving ministry, a successful publishing business, and an adorable husband. She has it all. Or so it seemed. How does Lacey learn to maneuver her way around what is facing her dead on, and find hope, restoration, and joy once again?
“The Sanctuary, a gripping Christian Fiction tale of unyielding faith, dark secrets, and the difficult road to redemption.”
Dominique’s Review:
The story was awesome! I loved the deep storyline that was created bringing a realness and a relatable book to many readers. The book took a very long time to come together. There were certain situations in the book that I thought came out of nowhere that should have had some type of development. I really didn’t understand the  drift between husband and wife in the beginning. In this part of the book, I would have liked  little bit of a backstory.  I think the ending was truly amazing and the book came together in a wonderful way. It showed just how Christians go through many things in their life and that prayer and faith is what pulls us through.  I liked the characters. I liked the dialogue. Great story! A must read! Very inspirational!
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Book of the Week; Bloodbath

Novel News Release Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi

Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi; Written by, Matthew Cruise, and Otis L. Cavers, Is the story of an American family. It covers a period of over 200 years of our great countries rich, passionate, and sometimes turbulent history.. It brings many past secrets to light; and puts a face on that which was hidden. It comes to grips with, and exposes that which has gone unspoken of, for far to long. The Novel connects the past to the present, and gives us a look into the future. It is colorful, powerful, spiritual, and inspiring. Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi, is an Awesome read. It is truly a Novel you will not be able to put down! ISBN 978-0-615-41635-9FREE GENEALOGY REPORT! Photo-Illustrated Websites: and


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Book of the Week; Black Authors & Published Writers Directory

‘BLACK AUTHORS & PUBLISHED WRITERS DIRECTORY’ Excellent resource for authors, writers, libraries, churches and organizations by including services, suppliers and speakers provided by the individuals and firms listed. Publishing guide and marketing tool featuring profiles of Top writers, authors, agents, songwriters, poets, film producers, reporters, booksellers and companies with services and descriptions and contact information. ISBN: 1877807-36-2 Photo-Illustrated.  and

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Book of the Week; Crossover

In his newly-completed autobiography composer Carman Moore recounts his crossover in life from small-town Ohio youth to friendships and meetings with such world figures as John Lennon, W. H. Auden, Louis Armstrong and Robert Redford. This great American bio is filled with Carman’s anecdotes and wisdom gained from his rich associations and is enhanced by many excellent photos. CROSSOVER also chronicles one man’s account of the culturally rich epoch of the ’60s and 70s in New York City. …..A great read; short and intriguing!

Carman Moore is a world-renowned Composer, Conductor, Author, and Music Critic. A dedicated educator, Moore has taught at the Yale University School of Music, Queens and Brooklyn Colleges, Carnegie-Mellon University, Manhattanville College, and New School University. His works have been performed by the New York Philharmonic and many other major symphony orchestras. Moore has served as music critic and columnist for the Village Voice and has contributed to The New York Times, The Saturday Review of Literature, Vogue, and Essence among others. He is the author of two books: Somebody’s Angel Child: The Story of Bessie Smith (Dell), and Rock-It (a music history and theory book for Alfred Music Publishers). He is presently creating a pop music album about Dante and Beatrice in Outer Space for the new SKYBAND. He has just completed CONCERTO FOR ORNETTE AND ORCHESTRA for jazz legend Ornette Coleman.

NOTE: Carman’s new autobiography CROSSOVER: AN AMERICAN BIO may be purchased at the JUILLIARD BOOKSTORE (W. 66th St. bet. B’way and Amsterdam) or via AMAZON and from GRACE PUBLISHING; Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307.

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