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Thank you for allowing the POV Lounge to host your blog tours. If you are a frequent user of The POV Lounge, this scheduler will make it easier for you to pick dates with this blog.

View the available blog tour dates below and email me today with your requested dates. Remember to book your dates in advance.

NOTICE: The POV Lounge will not take blog tour dates from June-August and the last two weeks of the year.

Once I have received your email I will contact you to confirm and to get author names to go with the dates.

Please send the content for your blog tour at least two weeks in advance. Be sure to request a Blog Tour Document so you can send your blog tour information properly.

If you have any further questions concerning your tour or my blog, please feel free to email me.

Please do not reserve dates if you do not have authors already scheduled for a tour.  Please only take the dates you are sure you will use. Please keep in mind I have several other tours that use The POV Lounge as a blog stop. I have several authors and companies I work with for blog tours and this system helps me keep up with them and not double book tours.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Available Dates:

Not scheduling dates until August. Happy Summer!

Send Blog Tour Requests to: