Featuring The Greatest Poet Alive

Name: James Gordon

Poet/Stage name: G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive)

Website/Social Media name and links:



Facebook – G.P.A. “Greatest Poet Alive” Livingston

Twitter: @gr8estpoetalive

G.P.A. Bio: G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive) is the author of four books of Poetry (The Confessional Heart of a Man, The Book of 24 Orgasms, The Mind of a Poetic Unsub, and Revenge of the Orgasm), contributed to several anthologies, and has released one cd (The G.P.A. Experience), and his second is on the way, GPApocalypse Forever. He is the winner of the Moth Storytelling Slam, Poetry Pentathlon, and Black Essence Award, as well as having been nominate Poet of the Year for three years and Book of the Year twice. Currently, G.P.A. has added acting to his resume with two movies (Persian Version and Animals) and television shows (Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Mind Games). G.P.A. proudly claims Chicago as his home.

Name of latest publication: Revenge of the Orgasm

It is Spoken

A Poetic Flow from our March/April Featured Poet: G.P.A.

We are truly honored to have the opportunity to interview the most prolific, gifted and dynamic person in the world of poetry these days in James Gordon, better known as G.P.A., Greatest Poet Alive. Not only does he represent the top echelon in the poetry genre, but he also reps one of the most influential cities in the world: Chicago. The hustle and bustle of the city matches the persona of G.P.A. His new book, Revenge of the Orgasm (Book #2 of the Orgasm series) quantifies what is earned for everything that’s associated with hard work and a creative mind. Like a major city that creates ways of staying relevant to its people, G.P.A. does the same for his fans by creating relevant poems.

G.P.A., you are such a busy man – I don’t think I have ever interviewed an author who has a busier schedule. Please, tell us your secret for spreading your poetic love around in the time frame that is given.

“First, thank you for the interview. With a genre that some consider ‘dead’ like Poetry, you have to work a tad harder. Also, when you give yourself a moniker like ‘Greatest Poet Alive’, it is important to be very visible and show above average adeptness in the craft as well. I don’t sleep much and drink good beer and whiskey.”

What’s hot right now on the poetic tip is your latest masterpiece: Revenge of the Orgasm, the second book in the Orgasm series. Can you please tell us how the idea come about, and what, if any, differences there are between the two books?

“I saw Wynter Ramos’ book on the VH1 show, ‘Love and Hip Hop’, and I thought aloud, ‘Couldn’t that book have been written without names being mentioned?’ And I answered the affirmative, so I wrote it.”

G.P.A. is referring to the show’s Winter Ramos’ book Game Over, a tell-all memoir of her life in the world of Hip Hop. G.P.A. used that book’s forum to “tell all” in his own ways:

“The Book of 24 Orgasms was my initial jump into writing sensual Poetry. A lot of the poems were me visualizing things I wanted to do and with women sexually. Revenge of the Orgasm is those visualizations that came to life. That is why I believe this book has taken off so well is because the poems convey the true events that occurred.”

Like I mentioned, you stay busy. What is the rundown of the things you have going on right now (shows, books, social media, etc.)?

“I am going to tear the stage of the Harlem Book Fair down!!! Okay, my radio show ‘G.P.A. Talks Everything’ has taken off on BlaqRayn Radio. I host a live open mic ‘Poetry’s Love Letter’ in Chicago at Let Them Eat Chocolate (5306 N. Damen), as well as a variety show, ‘Café Cabaret’ that takes place at Café Ballou (939 N. Western). GPApocalypse Forever, my newest cd, will be out. And I am completing my first novel, Bobo’s Middle School Adventures. Whew! Woo!!!”

The enthusiasm is contagious and well deserved as G.P.A. spreads the good word of his work to the masses. That’s what it takes to stay on top. G.P.A. educates that poetry as alive and well, and that the genre will not sleep as long as he has can wake up the poets that need to recognize that G.P.A. has busted down all the doors.

What (or who) keeps your interest going in your continued success in writing poetry?

“To be in the conversation of one of the best and well known Poets ever is what drives me day and night to continue to get better and be more innovative. Plus, there are people rooting for me that I cannot let down.”

They say, “don’t let success go to your head”, how has success in the world of poetry benefitted G.P.A.?

“This may sound funny, but success has gone to my head. And it is those thoughts that make me go harder, write and perform better. You have people who dig and don’t dig your ascension, but you go, sow, and reap fruit. Once you taste fruit like I have, you don’t want to taste the bitter. I like winning.”

That’s #winning is the social media world, and SUCCESSFUL in G.P.A.’s world.


Take us into your musing session; what did it take in starting Revenge of the Orgasm on your pen-to-paper session to that serious poetic flow towards success?

Heineken, Jim Beam, music, the company of beautiful women all helped in writing Revenge of the Orgasm.

What reactions have you gotten from both men and women on the provocative, twisting of steamy erotic words that flow throughout the book?

“You know what? Men have really showed me love!! And they have been men from all over the world. Shocking right? A lot of men, especially male Poets, don’t typically show another male Poet love unless you’re in their clique or whatever, but this has been different. Now the ladies…Woo!!! Oh my Gosh. They are thrown off guard because of the verbiage used. It isn’t the typical what you might read or hear. Ladies love G.P.A. I did that to them!! Woo!!!”

Life experiences play a major role in writing. What do your experiences provide for Revenge of the Orgasm?

The many intimate and sexual experiences I have had women provided the beginning, middle, and ending for Revenge of the Orgasm. The greatest trick G.P.A. did was writing a book of about intimacy and sex without naming names and providing so much electric sizzle.

Last Words: G.P.A. gives us an exclusive from his brilliant and poetic mind.

Just wrote this…..

Face toward light at end of tunnel or heaven’s gate matters not to me…wait moisturize phallic stage and exit serving as entrance waist is handhold, spine my highway, and screams horns urging acceleration enter like DEA agents upon a suspicious house enter like famished fat men fondling themselves before opening doors of a gentlemen’s club enter as if no pain will come to you.

Loud grunt, a sound we both share spot with seventh letter on opposite other side; believe from here we can reach there. ignore please whether negative or urging machinations to rock Terra off its axis hard thrusts turn tumultuous tearing inhibitions from its skeletal frame somewhere between affirmations and negations, voice, yours, utters my name.

Knees buckle, again yours, while natural tightness closes around obelisk legs, torso, chest, brain, and soul quake in anticipation successful reaching mutuality in apex collapsing has duality, you upon hood of car of 15th floor of parking garage, me on you rhetorical query, did i exit entrance or exit…

“I wrote this poem inside of a group on Facebook while listening to Justin Beiber’s PYD. I dig all aspects of sexual pleasure. This poem indicates one of them.”


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