The POV Reviews: Hood Love

image (1)About the Book:

Jonnae is tired, tired of her trifling dude Chink & tired of her chaotic home life. The chance meeting of Capo turns things from upside down to good all around. Take a ride with Jonnae as she realizes your first love isn’t always real love & that hood love can be a good love.

Dominique’s Review:

Hood Love introduces us to a young girl on the hunt for true love. I thought it was a cute story but not enough drama for me. It reminded me of being young in high school.

I was confused about Capo’s character. Some things he did we’re very immature. There were some chapters that were in the book in my opinion to just take up space. I found myself getting bored with some chapters. There were some things in the book that just were not realistic. Some of the things that some of the characters did in the book really should not have been swept under the rug.

I have not read part 2 or 3 but I do believe that the author has plenty of room to make this series great. I loved the ending. That really got my attention and had me wondering what was next. I think it was a great concept and well thought out story line about love and betrayal that many people can relate to. I would definitely recommend this book if you are a reader who loves a good love story.

Three Stars

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