Business Profile; Hot Sassy Designs

Hotsassydesigns (1)About the Company: Hot Sassy Designs is a video production and Graphic design company. We produce Book Trailers for Authors and Writers. Book Trailers are an excellent way to attract potential readers. We take our client’s ideas and transform them into something amazing.

“We started out just creating wedding videos for Newly Weds. Then we started to expand and we started connecting with aspiring writers and self-published authors looking for videos. We were able to meet a lot of writers looking for help promoting their books. So we started creating Book Trailers. Book Trailers are similar to movie trailers, they both give the same effect when attracting potential customers.”

Staff/Employees: 5 individuals in Video production team.

Hours of Operation: 9am – 5pm EST Mon-Fri

“We use Social Media Outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote our Company. Sometimes we network with other promotional companies or businesses that promote for us.”

Inquiry Information: Once signed up we email our clients our requirements for creating a Book Trailer. Clients must provide the book cover, music they would like included, pictures, and a concept for their Trailer. If you don’t have any ideas for your Trailer, we use snippets from your book to come up with ideas.

Owner Dee Smith thoughts on the future of the company and expansion, “In the next five years I would like for my company to grow tremendously. I would like to have a team of 500 and a client list of 1 billion. I like to dream big!”

Hot Sassy Designs



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