The Stage is Yours: Ladie LeBlanc

Name: Michelle Hunter

Poet/Stage name: Ladie LeBlanc

Website/Social Media name and links:




Ladie LeBlanc (1)Ladie LeBlanc Bio: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – William Shakespeare. Cue Sex and the City theme music and meet Ladie LeBlanc. Hailing from the states of Texas and Louisiana, she is the newest, hottest author to hit the scene in 2013, and she’s after your hearts, minds, and souls.

Ladie LeBlanc is the product of a single mother household who has had her fair share of trials and tribulations. Those only make her triumphs that much sweeter as she quips, “I have no regrets.” One of her greatest accomplishments is becoming a published author because she didn’t think she could do it at first. With the right encouragement from people who recognized her literary genius, Captivity was published October 15, 2013 (can be found on

She credits her husband with keeping her head above water, which is why her release date is so treasured. Ladie LeBlanc is determined to become a world-renowned author and has a book of poetry, Idle Thoughts that is now available on Amazon.

Ladie LeBlanc brings you love, triumph, tears and turmoil as she fulfills her roles as friend, wife, and beloved granddaughter. She gives it all to you under her title as author.

Name of latest publication/screenplay/film (if applicable): Idle Thoughts, a book of poetry is my latest publication.

Synopsis of your featured book Captivity: Lies, deceit, corrupt prison officers and a corrupt prison system. Here I am, stuck in the middle. Entering into the world of a corrupt prison system and politically overwritten rules where the prisoners are treated like animals and are taken advantage of is neither uncommon nor unheard of. Melanie is taken in by Robert, an inmate, who is going to show her the ropes on how to survive the society within a society. Tossed into a barrel of snakes, Melanie hadn’t realized that not befriending the corrupt officers would prove to be a deadly and career ending mistake. She is forced to rely on her instinct to help navigate her way through what is known as the prison world, but finds herself taking her problems home to the free world. Thinking she was all alone in this less than desirable environment, Melanie soon finds out that she is surrounded by other officers in the same boat. Slander quickly finds its way to the surface as the other officers’ jealousy come into focus. Guided by Robert, Melanie soon finds herself head over heels in love with him and they pursue a forbidden relationship that would soon lead to disaster at the other officers’ envious hands. Finding themselves drowning in the sea of love, Robert and Melanie decide to turn their relationship into an intimate one. Sex, lies, and money become a part of everyday life as the relationship tries to survive the hardships of prison through free world eyes.


The Stage is Yours

An introspective view of our Jan/Feb 2014 Edition Writer: Ladie LaBlanc

Part of being a writer for a literary magazine is getting to know your featured author/writer, seeing what they “bring to the table” as far as their work and, the best part, getting a feel of what their personality is like. Sometimes, that will consist of talking with them, e-mailing them, and checking out their websites and social media sites. Yes, sometimes you have to “stalk” in order to capture the essence of their being. When I get the info I need for one’s feature, I tend to evaluate the featured writer by their posts, their tweets, and their blog/website content.

And “stalking” Ladie LeBlanc has left me with an overall good-feeling impression. I can see how dedicated she is to whatever she puts her mind to; a neat, accurate, honest, and inspiring mix thrown into a poetic and creative personality that depicts Ladie LeBlanc as a person with good taste, great vision, and strong conviction. Her bio also reveals the true sense of those convictions. Let’s find out more about this edition’s featured writer:

What or who were the influences that got you started to begin your writing career?

“I was influenced by a dear friend and my husband to begin my writing career. I initially doubted that I had the talent to become an author but through a few stern talks from both parties Captivity and Idle Thoughts were born.”

Who, in general, are you looking to reach out to in your new book Captivity?

“I am looking to reach any mind that is curious to know a few events that go on behind prison walls. Anyone who has someone that is incarcerated or know of someone incarcerated and find themselves wondering what could possibly be happening.”

Ladie LeBlanc has learned the strategy that it takes to stay relevant in the literary world, something that is usually learned on the fly. Being a new author has its good points and bad points, but each learning experience makes the person that much determined.

With this being your first novel, what are some of the pros and cons you have learned in your path to become a published author?

“The pros were that I became a stronger writer than I was before. I have learned more about the publishing business than I knew before and I have been able to network with a lot of different authors from different places who offer their help. The only con is that with being a self-published author you do not have mass distribution of your books and you don’t get the great publicity of a publishing house.”

Being dedicated to your craft gives you a sense of gratitude, especially if it seems it is you against the world. Things may not flow as you expect it to, but results matter. Here is Ladie LeBlanc’s take on the ebb and flow of being a published author:

Did you have a lot of support through friends and family in your venture into writing?

“I have not had a lot of support from family nor friends as many believed that I couldn’t do such a thing.”

What feedback are you getting from your readers?

“I have gotten great feedback from my readers. Many have enjoyed the book and are waiting on the next one. I have also kicked up a little controversy with some of the ‘dirty bosses’ in real life. I am enjoying the response I am getting.”

What advice would you give to aspiring writers trying to make the jump to authorship?

“My advice would be to research, research, and research. This is a business not just write and publish. There are many aspects that must be covered and that must be handled properly. Make sure to build you a RELIABLE team of people and be consistent in the use of them. Have an editor, graphics and flyer person, marketing for social media, and for other events outside of social media (best if the same person could do all of your marketing but if not get two people that can work together to get your name out there).”

Every writer has their own comfort zone. The musings of an author is usually something unique that puts them into their “zone”. Writing a book isn’t easy, but this form of meditation can bring on extraordinary results:


Take us into your musing session when you wrote Captivity. What was the one flow, thought, memory…etc. that kept your pen to paper to complete your task or writing this book?

“For about three weeks straight I sat in my house I was actually sick when I wrote this book. It began as a short story and evolved into a novel series. I was taking Advil Cold and Sinus and typing away. I would fall asleep wake up and write some more. The scenes just played out in my head as my characters developed. Being a former correctional officer some of the events just replayed and of course I altered them for entertainment purposes of this fictional novel. It was a great experience and I loved every moment.”

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

My current project is entitled Chasing A Ghost which is about a daughter’s love for a mother that is seemingly nonexistent.  The story is an emotional rollercoaster yet it forces you to imagine the reality of it.”

…and we keep writing. It’s what we do and Ladie LeBlanc is no different. There’s always a story to write about which happily keeps our blood flowing:

Would you mind sharing a few lines from your current project?

Ladie LeBlanc presents Chasing a Ghost:

Life as I had known it all alone inside my mother’s stomach, had come to a painful end when she started evicting me from my home. I am stuck coming down a small hallway as the door at the end begins to open. It is bright on the other side as I try not to come out to see what was waiting for me. Well it is all or nothing because she is pushing me to get out of here so I have no choice. The air is too cold and there are more things that resemble me but yet I still want to retreat back to safety. Now that I am out all I can do is scream as I feel helpless with all these eyes on me. This was my birth into an unforgiving world and the year was 1987. I am the last Aquarius which puts me possible a half breed (you know half Aquarius and half Pisces). I guess that would explain the turmoil and the confusion I would grow up knowing. I am the only one that is different in this family seeing how I am a girl and I had nothing but brothers surrounding me. My mother was all I had to rely on but she had checked out after her daughter before me had tragically died of cancer.
This made it very hard for my mother to even look at me as I was the total opposite of what my sister had been. From the descriptions my sister was perfect and I am a total mishap. I am not even as pretty as she was. Looking back I never even had any baby pictures. No baby pictures because my mother had disconnected from me as she held on to my sister with every given opportunity. I was not even sure that she wanted me. I wasn’t quite sure that she ever even wanted more children after such a loss especially following my oldest brother’s shooting. She had a breakdown is what I was told after she lost my sister but at this point I don’t know what to believe anymore. Deceived by what I thought was a loving family, I would soon see the ins and outs of a loving family. A mother that had checked out mentally, A dad that would soon be dead to me and brothers that all had there on separate thing going on and no room for me in their worlds.


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