Catering to the Authors and Writers!..again!

Good Morning!

Today I am doing something different. No VIP with Dominique today. I wanted to talk to you guys about what’s coming in January.

Remember “From A Writers POV”? Who remembers? That was my old baby that I decided to give up about a year ago. I miss the grind. So I am bringing the magazine back. In January, my business partner and I starting up a new magazine for authors and writers. We are doing various interviews, article, features, reviews and more to cater to authors and writers. The site and magazine will launch January 2nd. We are so excited.

With this being our first issue, we wanted to get started with submissions and filling spots. Here is a list of the features we are offering:

Author Interview

Business Interview

Book Reviews

Book Trailer promotion

Poetry Feature

Writing promotion

Event stories

New Release Promotion

If you are interested in being featured, please contact me at

We will get you on the schedule. If you can remember POV you know that we did a lot for authors and writers. It was a passion of ours to cater to those in the literary field. We are coming back stronger than ever and you won’t be disappointed. Contact me today!

Signing Off,



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