VIP with Dominique; Tips for using Bookclubs to Market your book.

Happy Monday!

It is important to pick the right Book club. Simply stated, you want to reach your target market. A Christian Fiction author should not send their book to a romance reading group. Nor should they request this type of book club to read their book. With this part of marketing, you want to always consider your target market.

Bookclubs are a great way to reach various readers. Most book club members are responsible for leaving book reviews and we all know reviews help book sales. So always consider the genre the members read before submitting your book for a read and review.

Also consider how active the book club is. Some book clubs only get together to read every few months. Some book clubs have members that are not active. You want to make sure you are seeking an active reading group within your preferred genre. The more active the members, the eager they are to read and review your book.

Lastly, be prepared. Be prepared to send copies to the members, be prepared to be present for the end of the book meeting and be prepared to be interviewed. Not all book clubs do this but some request that the author be present whether face to face or online via skype or web cam.

Bottom line, always research the book club you are interested in. Keep in mind that most book clubs do not research an author or book until after the author has introduced it to them or a member has brought it to the attention of the other members. It is at this point that members began to research and find out more about the author, wanting to know if this book is a good read for the group.

Target market, be prepared, research!

See ya next Monday for another VIP with Dominique

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