VIP with Dominique; The Publishing Series; Part Three Electronic and Paper Written Books

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For the past two Monday’s on VIP with Dominique, I have been talking about Publishing. Today I am posting the last installment in The Publishing Series. “Electronic and Paper Written Books” If you missed the last two blog posts, no worries. Click the link above!

Paperback and Hard copies have gone out the window with today’s publishing. The way electronics are going, soon there will be no more paper written books. I am a lover of physical books and I collect my books. I wouldn’t be surprised that if in many years to come, my books will be worth hundreds of dollars just because they are antiques.

But Traditional Publishing is no longer popular. It is secondary to electronic publishing. The first question that is asked by many readers is, where can I download the book? If you don’t have your book available in ebook format, you could possible lose customers. Many people do not want to wait on the paperback to get in the mail. They want it now. Seems like everything is like that in today’s society. But many authors, make sure that their book is available in paperback just in case someone wants to buy it in that format. Although it is going out the window, it’s not quite there yet.

So what is Traditional Publishing? Where does it come from? Tradition means a behavior that is passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins past. Simply stating Traditional Publishing means, the way we originally published our books. In the old days, people did send in their book to companies, get rejections letters, have an agent; all of those things. But in recent years, Self-Publishing has become popular. Then Print on Demand showed its face and now we have electronic publishing. So Traditional Publishing simply means it is the traditional way of publishing a book.

Authors shy away from this way of publishing because there tends to be a pattern of “no” until you get that one “yes” It takes longer and again, you lose the rights to your book.

In my opinion, as long as there are still people buying physical books, keep your book available in that format. I always tell my clients to follow the crowd. But if you are still making money in this area of publishing, keep doing it.

There is no right way to publish. Only the way that works for you.

See ya next Monday for another VIP with Dominique!

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