VIP with Dominique; The Publishing Series; Part Two Print on Demand and Self-Publishing, what’s the Difference?

Happy Monday!

Let’s talk business!

Last Monday we talked about “The Difference Between Self-Published and Traditional Publishing”. I want to continue The Publishing Series today with Part Two “The Difference Between Self Publishing and Print on Demand” If you missed last weeks article, check it out!

The difference between Self-Publishing and Print on Demand? Let’s talk about it.

Print on Demand simply means that your publishing company will print books as they are needed. Once an order is placed for that book, it is then printed and shipped to the desired address. Print on Demand companies are popular for their packages. Many authors get excited about what the company offers but don’t normally make back the money they have put into it.

Self-Publishing on the other hand can go two different ways. It can go the print on demand way or it can be a Publishing company that offers services, but don’t ask for money, doesn’t pay advancement checks, does little marketing and editing. This type of company may or may not print books as needed. You may get a few copies of your own up front but this is not always a given. The stand out procedure is you will sign a contract with this company and you may or may not have the rights to your book.

Many of these companies are owned and operated by a family or one person who has sponsors that edit for them, create book covers for them and help with marketing. In today’s literary field there are a lot of companies like this.

With Print on Demand, you do not sign a contract. The book is yours and yours alone. But and that’s a big but, you have to get the book edited on your own, get a cover designed on your own, distribute on your own. You are the boss in every aspect of your book. The release date is your choice and however much money you make on your book depends on how much effort you put into your work. It’s a hard job but many authors, like myself, do it, love it and do it well because you have the last say over every part of your book.

Again, this is where you must decide the important parts of publishing your book.

Self-Publishing, whether it’s Print on Demand or Self-Publishing with a different type of company in my opinion is the easiest way to go. I like it simply because I own the rights of my book. That for me, is the most important aspect of publishing my book.

Tune in next Monday for the third part in The Publishing Series.

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