Hot Topic Friday; Author Page on Facebook

Happy Friday!

I have an Author Page on Facebook. I also have a personal page but I keep the two separate. If you are a published author, having an author page on Facebook is definitely something you want to consider. Having so many social networks to keep up with, its hard to keep all of these social networks active. But I’ve found a solution to that.

I have an iPad and iphone. There’s an app in the App Store for Apple that is called “Facebook Pages Manager” It allows those with pages on Facebook to update them in this app rather than having to go on Facebook on your PC or laptop to update it.  It’s convenient and updates just as if you were on your PC or laptop.

This app also allows you to schedule updates. Very convenient for those that can’t sit in front of a computer screen all day and send updates.

I am not sure if this app is available for other electronic users. But check out your App store and see if it is available. It may not be called Facebook Pages Manager, but look for it and download it. It’s definitely an app you want to have to help you keep your pages updated.

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