VIP with Dominique; The Publishing Series; Part One The different Between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

Happy Monday!

Let’s talk business!

For the next few Monday’s I want to talk about Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing. Today let’s focus on the one versus the other.

I want to give you a brief summary of the difference between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing. The bottom line is money. Yes, it costs money and especially time to publish a book.

Let’s break it down.

When publishing with a self-Published (Print on Demand) company, most likely they are going to charge you money. You will have a choice between 3-5 packages that cost between $200-$2000 to publish. Each package offers different things and of course, the higher up you go in packages, the more it will cost. There is no advancement check. Some Self-Publishing companies, however, do not charge and don’t give advancement checks. You simply have to have faith. I always believe that nothing in life is free. You’ll pay at some point.

The thing with Self-Publishing (Print on Demand) companies is that you are not going to get everything you are asking for. You may not get editing or marketing but you’ll get about three paper book copies of your book. You may get editing, but no marketing. This is where you have to decide what’s most important to getting your book the sales it deserves.

Now, Traditional Publishing. This is any writers dream come true. If you submit your book to a lucrative publishing company, that doesn’t charge a thing, will pay you an advancement, edit, promote and more you have a winner. This type of company is for those that will be a best seller. That’s also why this type of company is the hardest to get published with. They only want the best. That doesn’t mean your book is bad, it just means that it’s not the material that they believe will be a success. When trying to go this route, you will receive a lot of rejection letters. Be prepared for that! Many authors don’t go this route because they want a “yes” right now. Many people who write a book but have no clue about how to go about publishing think this is the only way to go. It’s not. You can go either way that you feel is best for your work but each direction has its pros and cons.

If you are writing your first book and don’t have a clue about publishing my advice to you is to first, make a list of what your publishing company must have. Let’s use my list for example.

  1. Most importantly, I must have all the rights to my book. This cuts the lists of publishing companies down a lot because when you sign a contract, most likely, you no longer own the rights to your book.
  2. Second, editing is very important for me. If I definitely need my book edited then most likely I need a Traditional publishing company. (I don’t go this route but it’s simply for example purposes)
  3. I need a great cover. My publishing company most offer a good quality cover for my books. It’s very important.
  4. Marketing. I need that. I want book sales and I’ll do whatever I need to do in order to get book sales.

That’s my list. Those are the most important aspects of book publishing for me. I don’t need copies of my book because my target market is ebooks. Many of my readers like to download my book. I also don’t need my company to offer an author page. I design my own website, blog and keep up with my own social media outlets.

So today, ask yourself, what’s most important in publishing your book. Make a list and then start shopping for the right company for your book!

Tune in next Monday for the second part of the Publishing Series!

Signing Off,



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