Hot Topic Friday; Getting your books on ibooks

Good Morning. It’s finally Friday. Let’s talk books!

I recently discovered that it is pretty easy to get your books on ibooks. I download most of my books using ibooks so I believe it’s definitely a place you want your books. People either a Kindle or an Ipad/iphone. Rarely do you see people with both. Anyway, as I said before, go where the money goes. If people are starting to download their books onto ibooks, then your book needs to be there.

I’ve already attempted to get my books on ibooks. I am still in the process but I will walk you through it.

I will tell you the draw back to having your books on ibooks is that you need a MAC. That could be any of the MAC’s or MAC mini. I say that’s a drawback because MAC’s are not cheap. They are the most reliable and popular laptops these days. Many people have them, but not all.

First you want to go to this link:

Once you get there you will be asked if you want to publish paid books or free books. I would suggest doing paid books because once you upload a book for Free it cannot be changed.

You will also need an EIN number. What is an EIN number? It’s basically a Tax ID number You are being paid for something and will have to claim this on your taxes. It’s helps to have it now anyway especially when you start selling a lot of books if you aren’t already. To get an EIN number, simply Google it. I did. I was able to get an EIN number within minutes. I then went back to Apple to sign up but my EIN number was rejected because I didn’t give my EIN number enough time to get in the system. So when you get your number. Wait maybe a week and then try to again with your account.

It’s all easy but, remember you need a MAC. This is definitely something to think about if you want to expand your market.

Happy Friday! I hope this little bit of information helps you expand with your books.

Signing Off,



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