VIP with Dominique; Promote your Business with a Book

Happy Monday!

I always like to start my week of with business in mind. So let’s talk about a marketing tool that can help your business.

Promoting your business with a book is just another way of promoting your business. Anyway, shape or form that you can get people to know what you do is a great way to market. It’s a success when people start finding out things through that particular avenue.

The reason I believe that promoting your business with a book is a great marketing tool is because people are constantly reading to learn more. Not very often do we hear people taking courses or workshops. It is heard of but not very often. People will pick up a book in a heartbeat if the cover is right.

Another marketing tool is articles. Everyone wants to know how in a matter of minutes. No one wants to take the time to completely figure things out. Google as we know it takes all of five minutes and just like that you are an expert. I always say go where the money is and in my opinion, money is the books.

Now if you are going to promote your business with a book, the best avenue is through an ebook. Why? Because we’ve seen in our economy that paperbacks are losing a big junk of their money to ebooks. People want fast. They don’t want to have to walk into a store to get the book. They want it right now in their hands with a click of a button. So if you are going to start writing a book to promote your business, do it through an ebook.

The hottest e publishing avenue is kindle or ibooks. If you want your book to get attention, these are the places to put it. As a reader, I download tons of books from both places and I get recommendations through emails based on my previous purchases. They do half the work for you! Get your book where the money is.

Promoting your business with a book or article is a great marketing tool. Everyone wants to know how to do it themselves. If you believe your service can help others in any way, put it in an ebook and promote it. Make it available to your readers in no time.

Give them what they want while you reap the benefits.

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