VIP with Dominique; Buried Under Social Media

One thing many people like to do on Monday’s is to jump off the day with alerts, advertisements, get this, buy this, look at this. The number one source for today’s marketing comes from social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram, path and more. This is how we let people know what’s going on with us and how to get what we’re offering. The problem with social media is that everybody is doing it. Which means, your posts can be missed.

Even if you have a fan page on facebook for you or your work, your post is still going to be buried under millions of other posts. This takes away from your information getting placed in the right hands. We as business owners and leaders suggest that you use these social media outlets to get people to know about you. We tell you to be social, get to know people in your genre. But in reality, the only way people are going to learn about us is if we have tons of followers that want to know about what we provide.

So the question is, how do we go from being buried under social media to being a trending topic. I have a few suggestions?

First, we have to start somewhere. So if you continue to push your product, eventually people will start to notice you.

Secondly, think about what you haven’t tried already. One important factor in social media, facebook especially is the time of day you are posting. When are your fans online the most? At what point will they take the time to click on a link you are providing or do more research on what you are selling. This goes into play with knowing your target market.

And Third, You have to find your place. You have to find out what works for you. Facebook might not be for you. Many of your readers or clients may not have facebook. Twitter might be a better fit. Or maybe it’s a simple email that you notice gets the attention of your target market.

Bottom line, find out what works for you. Don’t continue to work under buried social media. Take charge of your literary career, make some changes. We all know the saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But if it has some loose screws, do something about it.

You have the power to be successful but no one is going to make you successful without YOU putting in the work. Let’s start this week off right and do a social media clean up. Don’t spend another day buried under social media.

I encourage you today to switch up your daily routine of social media and find something new!

Happy Monday! Have a fantastic week!

Coming this week…

Blog Tours, Question of the Week, Hot Topic Friday

Signing Off,



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