For my Fellow Writers and Authors!

Good Morning!

Today is the last blog for the POV Lounge. (There will be a question of the week on Wednesday)  I am not giving the blog up, simply going on a vacation and stepping away from the blog to refresh and come back better than ever. I want to let you all know that I will still receive comments if you decide to leave a comment or need to speak with me concerning any of your literary matters. I am  not leaving you high and dry 🙂 If I receive a comment I will respond to you.

I am not taking any clients through Literary Career Moves until September.

I want to leave you with one last message before I officially get into my vacation mode. Many of us write for only two reasons: We have a passion for the craft or we have a story to tell. Whatever your reason is, always be true to yourself. Always believe in you before you look for others to believe in you. You should be your number one fan. There should not be any other person who loves what you do more than YOU! When the time comes that you need to take a break and step away, please do it. Don’t force yourself to do anything you have no motivation to do. Go find that motivation and then come back ready to rock and roll. One last lesson that I am teaching myself with my everyday walk is to not live in fear. Run towards the fear, not away and when you realize that your wildest dreams have the ability to come true because of your courage and strength, there’s not telling where life will take you!

Happy Writing. See you in September!

Signing Off,



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