Hot Topic Monday; Trial and Error in Publishing

Happy Monday!

Our first Monday in May. How is the year going for you? It’s about that time for me to publish a new book. So don’t be surprised if many of my topics are about publishing.

One thing I have talked about with my clients when it comes to publishing is the different paths of publishing. One way that we learn about the different ways of publishing is to actually publish. Most of the time what happens is we publish one way and go through trial and error and realize it wasn’t the best decision.

For me, I’ve learned that with the last 7 books I’ve published, the traditional way is not the right way for me. Self publishing works best for me. Simply because I want control of my book. I don’t want to sign over my rights. I have done it before, I won’t do it again.

So today I want to know about your trial and error in publishing. What have you learned along the way? What has worked best for you? What won’t you ever do it again?


See ya next Monday for another Hot Topic Monday. We are nearing my three month vacation from The POV Lounge. Just 25 days away.

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One thought on “Hot Topic Monday; Trial and Error in Publishing

  1. I have learned that I should not have wanted so long to publish. I kept reading it over and over and over again. My mother finally said that I would never get it published because I kept reading it. So I just did it. I wanted it perfect and even after it was published, I found one error. I had to get my story and testimony out there. Self publishing has worked great for me. I did not think to go any other way. I just thought that by not doing self publishing would be more costly.

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