Featuring Author D.W. Brown

100_3599Synopsis for Unconscious Lies:

Peter Lawson doesn’t realize he’s in a coma. Why would he?  He’s still
in his own bedroom and he sees his wife almost every day.  But there are
some strange things going on that he doesn’t fully understand.  Take for
instance the strange group of people now inhabiting his home.  He
demands answers but no one acknowledges him, even his own wife.  Why
can’t they hear him?  Who are they and why do they have him strapped to
his own bed? And why does he keep finding himself hiding out in home’s
of people he doesn’t even know?  Why does he have to kill them?



Unconscious_LIESAuthor Bio:

I grew up in the Appalachia Region of Eastern Kentucky. I spent 20 years
in the Army before retiring and moving down to Alabama from Fort
Campbell, Kentucky. During my time in the military, I deployed to
Cambodia, Kwajalein Atoll, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I feel
fortunate to have traveled to many foreign countries, and having seen so
many amazing and horrible things. This combination of the good and the
bad each area had to offer has really helped pay off in my writing.

Novels Include:
Lost Time
Barter for Life
Unconscious Lies
To Know Death  (July 2013)
Family Lineage (Sep 2013)

Inspired by Stephen King’s Writing:
King’s blend of every day ordinary events and people with fiction always
fascinated me. I remember reading ‘It’ as a young eight-year-old boy and
being scared out of my mind. I tailored some of my writing style after
him in my second novel, Barter for Life.

My goals for 2013:
Like every author out there, my main objective is to reach the
best-seller list. I have two other novels that will be released later
this year, and I’m praying for one of them (preferably all of them)
reaches the top.

Writing is my dream. Penning a novel that others actually read and enjoy
is beyond anything I ever could’ve imagined. I’ve wanted to do this
since I was in high school, but the military came first. I’m excited to
see where this road leads me.

How has 20 years in army has come handy in your new career of writing?

I deployed to Cambodia during my fifth year in the military and got the
opportunity to see the Killing Fields, along with many other horrifying
things there. The locals had a four level structure there with steps and
platforms, which showcased human skulls stacked on top of each other,
and it has stuck with me ever since.

My fourth novel, ‘To Know Death’ is set in Cambodia and takes the reader
through the evil Colonel Pol Pot wrought upon his own people in that
country. I’m really excited about this novel, having experienced
first-hand such atrocity.

If you’re reading this, I ask that you support this retired military
officer by picking up a copy of one of his novels: Lost Time, Barter for
Life, and Unconscious Lies.
Look me up on:

twitter @justust0606
http://www.goodreads.com: dwbrown
http://www.shelfari.com: dwbrown

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