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Adobe Photoshop PDFISBN 978-1-62137-197-7 $14.95. 262 pages
This engrossing story provides insights into what it’s like to be Catholic, how problems in the Church affect belief, and how the Church lost, but can reclaim, its original message.

The book’s five easy-to-read sections offer a compelling and often humorous account of the author’s early faith as it flourished in a devoutly religious family. Interwoven with that story is a concise review of the sacraments and other Church accoutrements.

A compassionate yet honest look shows how, for many, faith dissolved into frustration at the dichotomy between Church doctrine and its real mission.

The author’s engaging analysis of how words create reality in religion is full of delightful surprises, and her brief tracing of Church history demonstrates that problems arose because the Catholic Church is an absolute monarchy accountable to no one, and is modeled after Middle Eastern cultures that treat women as inferior.

Finally, the book eloquently describes where this leaves the author and others who once loved their Church so dearly. It offers possibilities for Catholicism in the 21st century and encourages everyone to discover the true meaning of faith.

A thought-provoking tale that is ultimately satisfying, this book will give all readers comfort and hope.

PX2013-03 Diana Milesko, author of FAITH STORIESDiana Milesko is a professional speaker, writer and photo-journalist who has taught humanities, media and English at high school through university levels in Illinois, Connecticut and Florida. Her other careers include that of counselor, speech writer and publisher.

She earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois, her master’s at Loyola University Chicago and her doctorate at Global Ministries University.

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