Literary Careers Promotion of the Week

Today I am promoting a service on Literary Career Moves. Literary Career Moves is now taking new clients. Clients are not just people I take money from. I help authors and writers seek their place in their career and expand and advance where needed.

This week’s promotion is our  6 month one on one mentor program

Special one on one long term mentorship/consulting: 6 months

This package includes a “from beginning to end” service for you and your book. Dominique will consult with you via email, phone, chat, in person etc throughout the 6 months helping you with your literary needs. $199 is a one-time fee that spreads over 6 months so Dominique can help you with all of your needs. This package allows you to become a “priority” client. Your literary needs will always come before those that are not special mentor clients. You will receive all of Dominique’s books, will not be charged with individual phone consultations or guides written up for your career. This includes Dominique’s research for you on specific topics and getting you the answers you may not be able to find on your own, helping you with your query/proposal/bio/byline, critiquing your 4-6 chapter manuscript, giving you a three month workshop to help in creating your characters, outline etc. Also, writing a path guide for your literary career.

Also Includes:

-Weekly Phone/Email/Chat Consultations

-Free copy of Literary Career Moves Book

Inquiry about this service today!



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