VIP with Dominique; Always Leave a Calling Card

Here’s the last VIP with Dominique that follows a snippet of Your Daily Literary Talk. It’s good to get all around inspiration for your literary career. Sign up for our newsletters today!

When a professional comes to your home or office to do a job, they always leave a business card in case you need to contact them again. This is something all authors should do themselves.

Leaving a calling is anything that reminds the person you are talking to about you. A calling card could be an actual business card. It could be a flyer or even your signature in an email with a link back to you. It can also be something you said, something memorable. Some people walk away from conventions with ten business cards but only one stands out because it was simply something that person said.

Always leave a calling card.

Have business cards available wherever you go. Have a signature on all of your email address with links back to you and how to purchase your books. Sign things a certain way so that your signature stands out. This calling card will follow you. Make it something people will remember.

Today, find ways that you can create a calling card. Not just one, but many. What ways can you get the attention of people you come in contact with? In a decent way of course J

This is part of marketing. Marketing can be creative. So get creative in the way you promote yourself.

Signing Off,



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