AuthorZine Article of the Month; Bios & Bylines

Welcome to the second issue of AuthorZine. Bios are one important aspect of being an author. We want our readers to know all about us and what we’ve done. Any author can have a bio and can write it themselves. It’s what’s in the bio that stands out to the person reading it. Bylines are important too and every author must have one.

Today, let’s take a look at the important parts of a bio and the necessity of a byline.

About you

The bio is about you but be careful with what you place in your bio. Do not include anything unnecessary and do not make it two or three pages long. Readers do not want a report or essay, they want a bio.

Make sure it’s sweet and simple. Do not cloud your bio with a bunch of words or unnecessary phrases about yourself.

Lastly, make sure it is up to date

Key elements of your bio

  • Include your latest work
  • What are you famous for? Anything you have done that is popular?
  • Any awards you have won or been recognized for? Include it
  • What have you been a part of? Include articles, magazines, contributions; any of this is important
  • Include what you are currently working on and what readers can expect. (One line will suffice)
  • Include your website links and blogs (no more than three)

Things NOT to do with your bio

  • Do not write it in first person. Always write your bio in third person
  • It should not be longer than a page
  • Do not tell a story
  • Make sure it is grammar and error free
  • Do not speak in slang; use correct English in your bio, make it professional

Be sure to have fun with your bio. Remember it’s all about you. If you are having trouble writing your bio you could ask someone else to do it for you or have them give you a few facts about yourself as an author.

If your bio seems to be a bit long, create a shorter version in case you are asked for it later. Having a short and long bio is good as well.


Bylines are one maybe two lines about the author. Many bylines are included in articles, magazines or other literary works but sometimes when being interviewed you may be asked for a byline. In case you are asked for a byline, create one to two lines about yourself.

Ex: Dominique Watson

Published Author, Literary Career Moves Mentor and Consultant

This is short and sweet; simple. I am letting my readers know who I am and what I do with just a few words. Have this type of write up handy.

Bios and bylines are something that is always asked for when inquiring about a book review, interview etc. Have these things up to date and ready. I would suggest updating it once every month. Do this often especially if you are someone that has a lot going on. Think of your bio as your resume for a job. People want to know why they should consider you and your work. Make it worth their while!

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