VIP with Dominique; Know your Publishing Path before your decide to Publish

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Most of us know when we are writing the book that we are going to publish…eventually. It is at this point that we should know exactly how we plan to publish.

If you are familiar with my Publishing Season articles, you know about determining your publishing path, and yes there are several ways to publish such as self publishing, traditional publishing, and ebook publishing. Before you are ready to publish, you should know which way you are going to go.

Remember that what one author did may not work for you. So you are going to have to get down and research. Know what target market you will be targeting. Then find out how they are buying. Do they mostly buy paperbacks? Do they prefer ebooks? Is this genre filled with people who want perfection? Find out all of this information before you are ready to publish.

Once you know your publishing path, push forward with it.

One mistake that many authors make is that they jump around. They start with finding an editor, then they build a website then they think about how they want to publish the book. Take the necessary steps in order before you start planting seeds.

Start by building a website, build your name. By now you should already be writing the book. In the middle of writing the book, look for an editor and determine your publishing path. Once you know your publishing path and believe you are ready, it is now time to find a publishing company to meet your needs.

Know your Publishing Path before you decide to publish

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