VIP with Dominique; Business Sense

For the next few Friday’s I will be talking about topics you will probably have heard of before. I’ve given snippets of them in “Your Daily Literary Talk” newsletters that come out Monday-Friday. These newsletters help authors and writers with the many questions they have. They give advice and tips on various topics around the literary field. Sign up for the newsletters here!

It is important to have a business sense. Not every writer knows how to edit. Many authors simply write the book and pass it off to the editor. But if you are going to be a successful author, you must have business sense. You must know how to do all of the “business” things that come with being an author.

One thing you must know is you must know how to edit. I don’t mean be a professional editor. I mean being able to read over your work once or twice and find minor mistakes.

You must also know about publishing. Whichever way you decide to publish your book, you must know the ends and outs for publishing. You should know what publishers expect, how to submit queries, how to handle distribution and packaging. Even if you don’t do it yourself, you should still know how to do it.

You should also know how to market your work. You may not be a professional promoter but you still need to know how to do it. We do it every day on facebook and twitter. You have to have some kind of sense on how to promote, right?

If you have a team that editors for you, promotes for you, publishers for you, you still need to have some type of sense on what they are doing. Do not depend on a team to make you successful. They see dollar signs, not you or your work. They may have the expertise to get the job done but the heart and soul of the project lies with you. Only you can make your book as successful as it will be. So have business sense. Know every area there is to know about your work.

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