The Authorzine Article of the Month

AuthorZine First issue coverHappy 2013! A new year has come upon us, giving us another 365 days to do differently. What’s on your menu?

Literary career moves has become the go to place for authors and writers; a comfortable place where questions get answers and inspiration is the main ingredient in success. Being an author of seven books, running my own company and active blogger, I too need a place to call home in my literary field.

One thing I love to do is give back. Over the past few months I thought, what else can I do to help my fellow authors and writers. So I created “The AuthorZine” a place with authors in mind. No that’s not our slogan but this ezine was created with authors and writers in mind. I’ve created this monthly publication to give back, giving exposure but more importantly answering questions, giving knowledge, guidance and support.

One of the biggest problems we have as a community is support. There are not too many authors that support other authors and writers. They get too full of themselves, too high up on the ladder and won’t…not can’t but won’t reach down and help others. It’s terrible. Some of the things I’ve seen really upsets me but I don’t have the power to change. I can only influence.

Never forget where you came from as an author. Don’t forget about the little people and places you’ve seen, dealt with and experienced in your early days. Those days set a foundation for the future you will walk in or are walking in. Always find something small you can do to give back. I give back through Literary Career Moves. Helping authors and giving back helps me. It humbles me.

With that being said I want to welcome you to the first edition of “The AuthorZine” this publication will include, articles with tips and advice, poetry, spotlights, new releases, interviews with best sellers and information on how to become a Literary Career Moves client.

Happy New Year authors and writers. This month, being a good month to start something new, find a way that you can give back to your literary colleagues. Whether you are a new author, veteran or never published, find a simple way to help someone in an area where you fell short.

Go to Literary Talk to discuss your challenge and this month’s article.

Find out how you can be featured in The AuthorZine next month!

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