The Publishing Season; Part Five: Check list: (Website, P.R., Marketing)

This is the last step in “The Publishing Season” Once you’ve completed this step, it’s time to start all over again and start writing your book. (If you decide to publish again) So I will go through a quick check list of things to do now that your book is published and in stores.

  1. Do you have an author website? All authors must have an author website. We speak about this on The POV Lounge  a lot. An Author Website is essential!
  2. Do you need to hire a PR? Are you capable of promoting your own book or do you need to hire a PR or Marketing team to help you?
  3. Do you need an agent? Are you happy with the publishing company you chose or do you think you need to hire an agent for the next project?
  4. Have you booked any book signings or release parties? Get your name out there. Celebrate the release of your book. Contact local book stores to schedule book signings
  5. Have you joined any social networks online to help promote your book? Social networks always help.
  6. Do you have some of your books on hand? It’s important to always have a few copies of your book on hand in case you run into someone that wants to buy a copy.
  7. Have you been following the marketing plan you sent to your publishing company? This is always important to keep an eye on and make sure you are living up to your goals.

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