The Publishing Season; Part Four: P.O.D Publishing

P.O.D means print on demand if you didn’t already know. P.O.D has become so popular in the publishing business. Many publishing companies are offering this service. Your book is published faster. You’re able to put out more books. On the flip side of P.O.D you’re paying a lot of money to have your book published. (Depending on the route you take)

If this is the route you’ve decided to go with publishing, you’re first step is to narrow it down to the companies that interest you. You need to decide, as with any publishing company, what your company needs to provide for you. Do you need your publishing company to offer editing? Graphic Design? You need to have already answered these questions BEFORE you go publishing company shopping.

Once you have decided what you need and narrowed your choices down, you need to research the company and find out what they ask for in submissions. The good thing about P.O.D is that their requirements are, most of the time, small. You may fill out a form. They will ask some questions about your book and then give you a set time of when they will contact you back for acceptance. There are some companies that you do not have to submit any form. You find the package that you want (Remember add-ons. We spoke about this earlier) and then you go through the process of creating your book. CreateSpace is just like this. You create the book how you see fit for no extra cost. You must have computer experience for this.

It should take about a week maybe two for the company to contact you. Most of the time, they do not turn down a manuscript. That’s money they will lose. If they do turn down your book then that means they have a specific list of books that they will only publish. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Some companies only want mystery suspense, others are for romance only. So that’s why you must shop around before you decide on a company so you don’t waste any of your time.  After the company has contacted you then they take you through the steps to create your book. You should not lose any control with your book. You should have a say about everything all the way down to the graphic design.

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