Don Savant brings us Love Expressions during the Christmas Holiday

Today I have a special feature from a special Author. Don Savant, the King of Love as I like to call him, has graced the pages of The POV Lounge plenty of times. Today I am talking with him about his newest venture.He brings us love during the holiday season.

designall.dllThe POV Lounge: Tell us about your new venture?

Don Savant: I’m calling this new venture Love Expressions.  It’s another way for me to introduce the world to my writing in ways that I hadn’t explored to this point.
The POV Lounge: How did you come up with this idea of marketing?
Don Savant: This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for years now, but hadn’t placed as much focus on as I should have.
The POV Lounge: How has the public taken to this new marketing tool?
Don Savant: So far, those that have seen them have said that they love what I’m doing and can’t wait to see what I come up with next.
The POV lounge: Could you see yourself in the greeting card business?
Don Savant: Absolutely!!  As I mentioned before, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years.  I even contacted Hallmark about a new greeting card idea years ago but was told that they were working on something of their own at the time.
The POV Lounge: How can people purchase and support this cause?
Don Savant: These cards will be available in my online store at
The POV Lounge: Will you do the greeting cards for other holidays?
Don Savant: Most definitely.  I will make some for most of the major holidays and hopefully will be able to branch out into regular cards as well (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).
The POV Lounge: What are your current projects?
designall.dll2Don Savant: I am currently putting the finishing touches on my new collection of poetry, The Art of Penography.  I’ve also gotten started on my next anthology, Battle of the Sexes III: Revenge of the Words.  I have others that I’ve been writing, but I will reveal them at another time.
The POV Lounge: What can we expect from you in the future?
Don Savant: I would really like to see how far I can go with my writing, so I am constantly seeking new ways to present my work.  So to this I will just say that you have to keep your eye on me.
The POV Lounge: How can we find you and your books?
Don Savant: You can find me on facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest, all @donsavant.  You may also check out my blog at as well as my amazon author page at  Some of my books are also available for sale at
The POV lounge: Give a small piece of advice to other authors and writers

Don Savant: The best advice I can give is to be true to yourself in your writing.  Don’t be afraid to try new things and any advice you receive, always be grateful for it but find a way to apply it while still paving your own way forward because 1) All advice isn’t good advice and 2) Everything won’t work for everyone in the way it’s presented.  Figure out what works for you and create a formula of your own.

2i1h6ahMore about the Author: Don Savant is a poet/writer born and raise in Spartanburg, SC.  He’s been writing since 1986.  His first collection of poetry was published in 1998.  He has since had other books published, some under contract and others by way of self-publishing.  He has also released several poetry anthologies featuring various talents from around the internet including himself.


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