Hot Topic Monday; Electronic vs. Paper Writing

Happy Monday!!

So today I want to talk about Electronic and Paper Writing. Over the past few years, writing has evolved into many different ways. Writers are no longer sticking to a pen and paper, they are now using writing and electronic devices; electronic devices more than paper. Why is that?

Writing with paper in my opinion is so concrete. There’s less chance of losing your work. With electronic devices, well things happen right? Recently I had organized my book on an electronic device and lost everything. I must say, old school writing never gets old.

So today I want to know what are your thoughts on electronic and paper writing. What do you prefer and why?


Tomorrow on The POV Lounge “Publishing Season Continues”

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4 thoughts on “Hot Topic Monday; Electronic vs. Paper Writing

  1. This for me, is a complex topic altogether. I’m a huge huge fan of old school writing. Pen and notebook, grinding out my thoughts. I even pull out a pencil from time to time when I really want to feel nostalgic. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages but if you saw the number of full notebooks I have yet to pull back out and type up, you’d already know which I prefer.

    Electronic writing is great when you have a thought pop up and you’re already in front of the computer. The only drawback to that is, the computer could shut down, you could get distracted, it could accidentally get deleted or you could simply forget to save it altogether.

    With paper writing, you know it’s there no matter what. The only way you could lose it is if someone takes it, you lose the notebook itself, it accidentally gets thrown away or you spill something on it.

    Again, both have their advantages and disadvantages and although I prefer paper writing, I believe that it’s important to keep your writing in as many places as possible. Keep the original notebook you wrote it in, type it up in your PC or laptop and archive it there. Print out a copy to keep in a binder, if you have a tablet, copy everything there as well. Any flash or memory cards you have, or portable hard drive, even cloud storage, make sure it’s there and always have one good friend or family member you can send your files too just in case.

    I’ve been in too many situations where I’ve lost everything I’d written and keeping all of the aforementioned places in mind when storing your work is an absolute must.

  2. I jot journals, poetry and still write (snail mail) letters to family and friend, but the volume that I write in between the day job, part-time graphic design and school, is too much. And I’m always writing throughout the day no matter where I am, so carrying all that…I have to use a computer to write my works, especially since I type nearly 90wpm, I get more done. Plus, I broke my right pinky finger many moons ago, and my right wrist, and guest what??? I’m RIGHT HANDED. LOL. Computers work for me, but when I want that personal touch, I bring back old school communication. I always BACK up my writing, b/c there’s nothing worse than losing all that work. Pros and cons for both.

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