The Publishing Season; Part One: What is the publishing season?

In books & eBooks, I spoke about the writing season; how to write your book, how to formulate your book and get it ready for publication. These next few topics will help you successfully publish your book.

Now that you have finished your book, ask yourself this, has it been edited yet? Whether it’s been professionally edited or edited by you or a friend, it must be edited before it can be published. It must be error free and cleaned up very good so that you can send it to a publisher. So before you read any further, go look at your manuscript and see if it needs to be edited.

Publishing a book is the business side of writing. Not all writers decide to publish. Some don’t even work up the nerve to publish but for those that do decide to publish; this is a big step for you.

So what is the publishing season? It’s the publishing side of writing. It’s the stage when you have successfully completed your manuscript and you are ready to publish your book. The story has been told and this is it.

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