VIP with Dominique; Plan for Delays

I am currently promoting the pre release of my next book Love’s Deception. The book does not come out until January 4th, 2013 but I have been promoting it since October. A lot of people think this is way too far out but I think this amount of time to promote is perfect.

I sent my book to my editor at the end of September. He told me it would take him four weeks to edit my book. Well it’s now December and I still haven’t gotten it back. Am I worried? Not at all. Things happen. People actually live lives that do get complicated at times. It’s important to plan for delays.

A reader does not want to anticipate a book to come on a specific date to only have the book pushed back several times. Anything can happen in between the time you are ready to promote the book and the time the book is supposed to drop. Plan for delays. Plan for the cover to have to be redone. Plan for you to do a re-write which could take weeks. Plan for these things.

When you start promoting keep in mind that your audience is waiting and expecting. On November 26th, 2012 Michael Connelly released his book The Black Box. I’ve been waiting on this book for months. If November 26th, 2012 came and he said I’m sorry people but the book won’t be out until a little later, I’d be upset.

We aim to please our readers. Deliver them a good read…on time. Plan for delays!

Straight from the DIVA


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