AAMBC Promotion…An Author’s Must Know!

AAMBC Stands for African American Book Club. The owner Tamika Newhouse has been around for years giving authors what they need to promote their work. Recently she launched an event called “Twitter Party” in hopes to get authors to use her service to help via twitter. We all know what twitter is. I wondered after hearing about this promotion just how it would help authors get the promotion they need.

“Twitter parties are a buzz creator on a social media site called Twitter. It’s a different way to approach readers without slamming a book in their face. It’s basically holding a conversation via twitter. We plug in the author and book of course but we hold a conversation and allow our over 10,000 followers to join in on the chatter. The goal is exposure and to build familiarity for the author.” says event creator Tamika Newhouse. She says the event lasts for about an hour, the amount of time most people spend on twitter.

I recently had a twitter party with AAMBC promoting my up coming book “Love’s Deception” and the twitter party was a great success. I had a lot of fun and plan to do it again. “For authors wanting to host a party go to our site www.aambookclub.com and click author submissions. For readers follow us on twitter @aambookclub to get all of the updates.”

A few words from Tamika: ”

I am always thinking of ways to stay relevant and be inventive. The key is to create platforms for authors that readers would be interested in and that’s not boring or the usual buy my book buy my book approach. You’re not a spammer and you are not a seller you are an artist. So always develop marketing plans and ideas that are creative and fun for consumers.”

Follow Tamika and AAMBC on Twitter: AAMBC twitter is @aambookclub my personal twitter is @TamikaNewhouse


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