The Writing Season Part Four; Pen to Paper

After the writer has come up with an idea, gathered and organized their thoughts, did their outline, it’s now time to write the book.

Some writers like to write on a notebook. Some like to type it up on the computer. Either way, the book will get done.

If a writer likes to use a notebook, it has its pros and cons.

  1. You can’t fix your mistakes unless you use white out, erase it if you’re using a pencil or simply scratch it out.
  2. If you don’t have a laptop, you can take your notebook with you anywhere.
  3. You have to transfer all your work onto the computer.

Using a computer has its pros and cons also.

  1. If you have a laptop, you can take it anywhere.
  2. You can easily fix your mistakes.
  3. You have to worry about your computer crashing and losing all of your work
  4. You don’t have to transfer any work. Just save it as you write.

Once you’ve gotten your notebook or decided to start on the computer, the first thing to do when writing the book is to simply write it. Don’t worry too much about errors. Don’t worry about the title of the book or the chapters. Don’t worry about the introduction or who it’s dedicated to just write. The writer simply needs to get the words typed up or written out.

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