The Writing Season; Part Three; Formatting

Formatting, arranging or organizing is the third step in the Writing Season. The reason it is not first or second is because a writer cannot put thoughts or ideas together if they don’t have any. Once the writer has come up with a few great storylines, characters, ideas and plots for their story, it is then time to organize all that they have come up with.

At this point the writer will have decided how the story will begin, who is telling the story, (Point-Of-View) what will happen in the story and how it will end. In this stage of writing, the writer will conduct an outline.

An outline or timeline explains what will happen in the story in chronological order. To create a timeline, the writer would get a notebook. (I would suggest getting a notebook so you will not lose your pages and the order of the events) The writer would begin with the prologue or start at chapter one.

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