The Writing Season; Part Two; Concept

The dictionary says that a concept is an idea or thought; abstract notion. This is how a writer gets into the writing season, they develop an idea.

In the stage of Concept, a writer will ponder on the idea that they have come up with. Say for instance a writer comes up with a storyline about a young wife who loses her husband in a tragic accident. The author would need to figure out other storylines to go with this idea.  What might happen to this wife? Who will tell the story? How will the story begin? What other characters will be in this book? When faced with questions like these, the writer should build a character profile.

A character profile is a group of questions put together to get to know the character in the book. During this stage, the writer would create a profile of its characters in the book. Not every character needs a profile. But if there is someone in the writer’s story that the readers will get to know personally, the writer needs to do a profile on them. Questions in a profile would include:

v  The full name of the character

v  Their age

v  Where they were born; where they live

v  How did they grow up

v  What is their personality like

v  Are they married; have children; have pets

v  Where do they work

v  Where are their parents, any siblings

v  How they react to conflict. Sadness, happiness

v  How will this person change in the book

There are many other questions asked but these are a few of the questions readers may need to know as they read about the characters. If it’s not necessary to mention the characters siblings or parents then the writer would not include that question. It’s important to ask questions that will help the writer develop a good character.

It is also important to determine what character is which. Who is the Villain or Superhero? Who will play the victim? These are things a writer needs to have figured out before they begin to write the book.

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