The Writing Season Part One; What is the Writing Season?

The reason that this book is called “The Writing Season” is because most story writers develop great storylines over time. We may have a notebook full of ideas but only one or two of those are formatted into a story at a time. Once the story has been told, we lose interest in the process of writing because of the long journey it took to birth that last book. Like pregnancy, most women wait two to three years before having another child. It takes about that long to birth another book; including publication and production.  After a while, the “itch” to write again comes back and you are back at square one.

Not every writer can stay in the writing season. Not every writer advances through the stages as quickly as another. But every writer experiences the writing season in some way or form.

The writing season is when a writer gets in the “mood”, in the “flow” of writing; when a writer has the need to birth a good writing. It’s a time when all writers feel the need to tell a story or get some thoughts out on paper.

The writing season is not a set time of the year. To most people, the season comes out of nowhere. They could be going through something that inspires them, watching a movie or they could simply get an amazing idea out of nowhere. Either way, when one or all of these things happen, the writer has entered into the writing season.

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