Writing Tip of the Week

I am a believer in outlines for a book. Many people don’t use outlines, they just start writing and let the book form as they go. But I am a believer in outlines. If you are an organized person like me, do yourself a favor and begin to use outlines with your books. It’s the first things you should do after creating your characters.

  • Get a notebook or download one to your device
  • Start from chapter one or the prologue
  • Write in description, not detail of what will happen in this section of the book.
  • There should be an entry for every part of the book
  • keep going until you get to the last chapter of the book or the epilogue

This keeps authors from writers block and whenever you need to put the book down, you know where you left off at and you know what’s coming next.

Signing Off,


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