Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reader

“On the other side of the fence”

I must admit, I can’t really call myself the old school reader because lately, I love to read ebooks. I have an ipad so I have been downloading every book I need to read rather than just going to my book collection and getting it off the shelves. One author I have not taken to the other side is James Patterson. I still curl up with his books in my hand rather than on a device.

I am currently promoting my upcoming book Love’s Deception. I have not released a book since 2010 which was the volume two to my Poetry Collection. This time around I am on the other side of the fence.

I have to find several venues to help me promote my book, get interviews, reviews and more. It’s tough but honestly it’s a lot of fun. For so many years I have been on the business side and coming around this side for a change feels pretty good.

It’s an amazing feeling to see my book cover for the first time or to release the synopsis of the book and readers get excited right along with me. This is something I must do at least once a year. Getting all caught up in the business side of this field can be tough and sometimes a downer. If you are on the business side of this field and are a published author, do yourself a favor, take a break! Release a book!

I am having so much fun doing this. It brings me right back to the only reason I do what I do, I love books and I love creating them.

Signing Off,




What am I reading?

“Zoo” by: James Patterson

“Vertical Coffin” by Stephen J Cannell

“The Drop” by: Michael Connelly

“The Safe Man” by Michael Connelly


Curling up with a Page Turner Feedback

“If you are a business owner or literary service provider and are also a publisher author, how do you go back and forth from each of those jobs? How do you juggle the two?”


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