VIP with Dominique; Having a plan when releasing a book

Releasing a new book is always fun. I love getting the cover made, getting it edited, promoting it. I love when my readers see the information about an upcoming book. It excites me when they get excited. But authors, all authors should know that excitement is not what gets us through publishing a book. It’s money.

Whether you self publish or publish through a publishing company publishing a book costs money especially if you self publish. You are doing all the work. When publishing through a company promoting your book still costs money because most publishing companies don’t pay for everything and if you are a big time author, you have to pay your team (publicist, road manager etc) Releasing a book costs money.

In order to get through these tough times, right before you are ready to publish the book, start saving. Put aside a certain amount of money that is for your book release and promotion only and don’t exceed that amount. Discipline yourself. One thing I always tell authors is that when you write and publish a book you want to make money. Don’t invest more than what you will get back. You always want to make a profit. If it’s not going to make you a profit then it’s not worth it. Your book could land in the right hands for free. Things happen! Have a plan and stick to it!

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