Curling up with a Page Turner; Old School Reading: “Writing a Book for you…or the Reader?”

Just six months ago we started 2012. Everyone had their New Year’s Resolutions and new starts in play. six months down the line…can you say you’ve kept your New Year’s Resolutions going? Although the New Year was six months ago there’s a “New Year” with Curling up with a Page Turner. Did you know I’ve been writing this column for one year this month? Talk about time flying.

Some of you may know I’m a speed reader. I can read a book in three days. My personal best is 24 hours and yes that is with sleep. One may say I’m not enjoying the book when I read fast. To each his own. But I read books like I’m watching a movie and in my best film, the action never stops until an hour and thirty minutes later.

As a reader, how do you read your books? Slow so you can savor the scenes as you read them? Fast because the book is too good to slow down or does it depend on the read itself?

As an author, I speed write. Basically I write the way I like to read. I don’t think it would bother me if someone finished my book in a day. Actually I think that would excite me. Simply because that means my book was so good they couldn’t put it down. But as an author how do you write your books? What speed of writing do you take when producing your book? Do you even think of your readers when writing? I know I do. I always write with my readers in mind. What I’m typing or writing must benefit the reader in some way.

While I’m starting a new year with Curling up with a Page Turner column, I hope you have found my author/reader advice helpful. I hope that these columns have helped you look at your author status from a reader’s perspective and vise versa.

Never write with just your perspective in mind. The readers are the reason the ladder of success gets higher!

See ya next Month!


What am I reading…

“Naked in Death” by: J.D Robb

“Heat Wave” Richard Castle


“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“Do you write with your readers in mind? If so how?”


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